Monday, January 31, 2011

Mr. Clean & Mrs. Not So Clean

Weekend was a blur!
Here are some quick random facts about it

- Ate healthy but didn't count calories!
- Skipped the gym for 3 days, eeekkkkkk but felt okay because i ate well
- Had great family dinner which involved a lot of laughing when we all discovered

- House shopped a little more (still holding out for my pantry)
- Did a little shopping, can't find cute summer dresses anywhere!
- Woke up to -18 celcius this morning and a huge snowstorm brewing for tomorrow
- Hitting Physique 57 and Zumba tonight, have to get my abs toned for Aruba in 6 days!

Okay here is the actual post...
I love my hubby but he is kind of a clean freak, i on the other hand am not, definitely a tidy freak, not a clean freak

Mopping and sweeping and polishing UNDER the runner in the great room? Not something that would ever cross my mind, i mean you can't see it!  Hubby however likes to do it every couple of weeks or so; yet he will leave a windex bottle on the kitchen desk for a month but after fabulously cleaning something he then leaves the broom, mop and polish and rags sitting around the room and that makes me INSANE

See!  Hubby: clean freak Me: tidy freak

So the question is, how do Mr. Clean and Mrs. Tidy (i've changed my title midpost just cause i can!) live together?  Certainly not in perfect harmony!  More like...

A little nagging - ex: for the love of god woman pick up a broom
A lot of sarcastic texts - ex: i hid the dirty cloths u left in sink on ur side of the bed, luvya xox Some patience - ex: even though i've asked you 9 million times to wipe sink after using it i'll remind you again
Tons and tons of love - ex: you are so damn cute when you clean the toilet and gosh i love you when you have to fold the blanket to specific dimensions

You take the good with the bad people, the good with the bad... :o)