About Me

My name is Donna (please don't start humming the ohhh donna song, its the bain of my existence :oP) and i live in south western Ontario 

I am 31 and okay with saying that, the thirties i feel is the decade you really feel comfortable in your own skin - even if said skin is starting to get laugh lines ( i prefer laugh lines over wrinkles thankyouverymuch)

I'm obsessed with healthy food that actually tastes good, lululemon (its like crack for me), working out at the fun classes at my gym, helping people understand healthy can be F-U-N

I love to travel, i leave the country at least 3 times a year to explore the world, my favourite quote is "the world is a book and those who don't travel read only a page" i will find who wrote that stat

I live to take photos but as you can see my travel photos WAY exceed my food photos, i'm working on it though!

I adore my boyfriend, my family, my friends and my furry baby (the golden doodle)

Click here for a list of my favourite things (its a little way down the post)

Click here to find out how i met and fell for D (and the stupid embarrassing things i did along the way!)

And last but not least, i should be doing laundry right now but i'm procrastinating on blogger instead, yup, i'm a procrastinator, now you know everything about me!