Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Christmas!

Almost Christmas vacation!!!

For the first time in my life i've maintained a healthy lifestyle leading up to the holidays, i've been going to the gym and eating well, usually i take the whole month of december off and gain about 10 pounds :oS

My to do list is half crossed off and the chest pains that i had yesterday have subsided, i can be such a stress ball around making the holidays perfect

Last night m.d. wrapped while i made 4 batches of cracker toffee - 1 with crushed candy canes, one with crushed cashews, one with coconut and the last just plain cracker toffee, mmmm - i use dairy milk chocolate on top, that is the secret!  I'll post the recipe soon

I thought my honda was posessed ala christine last night, every time i threw a purchase in the back of the suv christmas music started playing, upon emptying the back seat i realized a gift bag full of chocolates one of my clients had given me had a button that plays holidays tunes, i think a christmas version of christine would have been more fun! (i really hope people know the movie about a posessed car called "christine" otherwise this entire paragraph might seem a little weird :o)

I got up at 5am this morning with m.d. when he woke up for work and i got to the task of giving the fur baby a bath, she loves the water and especially loves the blow dry afterwards, you would think she was a 7 pound lap dog, not a 70 pound golden doodle, her favourite part is when i chase her around the bathroom and trip over the hair dryer cord!

So tomorrow consists of 4 christmas visits - my family, my cousins family, m.d.'s family and finally m.d. and i's christmas - i can't wait!!!

I'll leave you with a pic of the doodle asking me (well in my head she is asking me) why i'm leaving her without finishing off her hair!

Happy Christmas :o)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Santa Insomnia

Bring on the Santa Insomnia - this is something that started for me last year (m.d. and i's first christmas together), the closer to christmas we get, the less and less i sleep!  Its ridiculous, i get sooo excited about the holiday I go from being an at least 9 hours of sleep a night person to 5-6 at best!  Last year i woke up (and stayed up) at 4am christmas eve and christmas day!

My "plan" (because i often veer off my plans) is to wrap familys presents tonight, make cracker toffee tomorrow (my christmas specialty) and wrap m.d.'s presents Christmas eve after work before he gets home

I laugh at my plan because as well as that i need to do about 10 loads of laundry, clean the house, go to work 8-4 every day, maintain a healthy diet, give the giant fur baby a bath, and get to the gym at least twice, muahahahahaaaaaaa, at least i'm keeping a good sense of humour about this :o)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Roses and Peanut Butter

Last night I was excited to get home as it was lululemon delivery day!  I had bought a couple of water bottles that were priced wrong for a little while on the website $10 off each, a present for m.d. and the new black roses cool racer back tank - the tank has been a little hit and miss, each one looks totally different due to the placing of the pattern i've seen pictures on the lululemon blogs showing bad placement of logos, and as much as i love lulu and their symbol i don't want it highlighting my booby region :o)  So my tank arrived with no headlight highlights, it was a little off centre which the OCD part of me didn't like but after texting a pic to m.d. he said he liked it as its a bit more edgier then the candyland colours i usually buy

I then wore the tank to Physique where i decided i loved it and then to Zumba (2 classes in a row, i was dead by the time i got home at 8:30!), it really held up well during Zumba were i get ridiculously sweaty - very happy I have decided to keep it, here is the pic...

This morning I woke up and ran a couple of kms before walking the rest of my route, my body said enough so i listened, i then came home and made 2 kinds of peanut butter cookies, i'm obsessed with peanut butter lately!

I'll take some pics and post the recipes once i've actually tried them both tonight and to end the blog today, here is a pic of one of my fav mugs that my sister gave me, i don't ACTUALLY need people to speak slowly but as a natural blonde i do lots of stereotypical blonde things, the other day i was talking to my bff on my cell and freaked out because i couldn't find my cell, yup, thats me :o)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Feeling blue (heathered wish blue that is)

No i'm not having a bad day (i'm frustratingly perky most of the time), I'm referring to yet another outfit I wore to work featuring lululemon and therefore making me a very zen and very comfy banker today!
Energizer pants from lululemon, love these!

Pima tee from lululemon again, sooo soft and comfy and long enough to cover my tush!

Express yourself wrap, love wearing this, so soft and drapey

Nine west boots i bought on sale this weekend, comfy and they JUST fit my chunky calves (hahaha) but there is NO tread on the bottom and this makes watching me walk up my driveway (which is snow covered and on a bit of a slant)quite amusing

Where for art thou weekend?

Frisky monkey candy souvenier
Pretty decorations at the Hilton
How in the heck is it Monday December 30th already???

I had such a nice weekend but no idea where it went, it was so busy and rushed that I felt better rested before it happened!

Friday we went to Niagara falls, stayed at the Hilton in a 2 bedroom suite with floor to ceiling windows and a view of the american and canadian falls, had a fancy schmancy dinner where I ate an appetizer as dinner, i can't help it, the appetizers almost always look more appetizing then the meals!  (hmmm appetizing, appetizer i have never connected those words before) We had a nice walk after dinner and found several suspicious looking souveniers then retired to our suite to watch tv, both couples aren't much for going out and partying so this was a perfect night for us!

Saturday was a brunch but since we only got 2 vouchers and there were 4 of us, the men valiantily let us girls use them (ie: they were feeling too cheap to pony up $40 extra for breakfast), we made up for this by sneaking them tater tots and bananas :o)  We then headed to walden galleria and shopped a bit and ate lunch at PF Changs, I heart that restaurant, I kept it pretty healthy and didn't get the lemon chicken i prefer and instead got mandarin chicken with veggies and no rice, I did get the flourless cake for dessert, it was like fudge, sooo good but i only made it through half!

Once we got home it was time to pick up the furry baby from her nana and papas (ie: my parents), get a wholewheat pizza for dinner and maybe a Wendys frosty as a treat, i couldn't help but say (scream) YES when m.d. suggested it!  We watched Easy A, awesome movie!!! and while m.d. was showing me how to play plants vs. zombies (more on this later), his iPad totally spazzed out and broke :o( insert sad face here, i just bought it for him for his birthday a month ago!

So after the gym Sunday morning  instead of relaxing and making cookies sunday we hauled to Sherway Gardens in Toronto an hour away to our closest apple store and got it replaced *phew*, we ate lunch in the food court (ham and swiss on multigrain from druxys for me, big mac meal for m.d grrrrrrr!)  Why is it so hard to find healthy food in malls?

By the time we got home (after a side visit to Bulk Barn and multiple other places it was 4pm) and after putting the tree up we were exhausted!  I made caesar salad from scratch and we vedged out playing plants vs. zombies side by side till bed, we are lame :o)

Friday, December 17, 2010

I've got that festive feeling!

So after spending several hours shopping last night and finally getting somewhere with my christmas "must buy" list I finally feel like i'm part of the Christmas cheer, no idea why i procrastinated soo much this year (or why i alternate between I and i in the blog!)

Didn't make it to the gym yesterday and today was ridiculous, my muscles are sooo hurting from Rock Bottom that I actually got straight out of bed, and out the door for a winter run in hopes it would stretch out my muscles a little, it didn't help and i had to stop every km or so to tend to the poor fur babys paws, darn those people who throw salt on the sidewalks! She looks so pathetic laying on her back, i seriously hope no one hears the conversations I have with her on our runs
ME: its okay baby, mum will rub snow on your feet
FURRY BABY: ***whining noise and sad face***
ME: would you like me to knock on their door and yell at them
FURRY BABY: ***now sniffing a pole*** leaving me talking to an empty snowbank!

So today is our christmas lunch at work and I scored a lululemon gym essentials kit fom my secret santa (it helps when the branch manager draws your name and is willing to spend way more the the alloted amount), got quite a few other goodies too, I love this time of year!

Off to Niagara Falls for the weekend with friends, we are staying over tonight and then heading to Buffalo and PF Changs for dinner tomorrow, I plan on cheating a little tomorrow but staying good today, I even avoided the catered lunch today (lasagna and limp looking caesar salad), it wasn't that hard to just eat veggies and dip but there was bread rolls, damn those bread rolls calling my name with their sweet friend butter...
Keg gift card, bath and body works goodies, tim hortons mug (of course), candle, lululemon ge kit!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Oh cookie, how i've missed you!

I made cookies last night, sea salt topped oatmeal raisin cookies to be exact, they were YUMMY!  Not too sweet and around 100 calories each, i inhaled only one *sigh*!  I am proud of myself today but last night it was hard to part with the gooey goodness after just one small cookie
Today m.d. agreed that they were delish so i know my cookie deprived stomach wasn't making it up!
This healthy eating thing is great but geez its hard to say no to multiple cookies (i might have said yes to some cookie dough, shhhhh don't tell my daily plate!)

Before (curious doodle in the background)

After, right before i attacked it with my teeth!

This isn't the desert....

Okay, so bad instructors at the gym make me crazy (well crazier then usual!)
Last night I had a bad teacher at a class i love - that class is Rock Bottom, a great class that is made up of tons of lunges, squats, lifts and dips!  However my teacher was just not up to snuff and i remembered why i haven't taken the class in ages, so here are my rules on how to be a GOOD instructor

1. Smile, please, we are suffering and you need to at least pretend you are having fun torturing us
2. Do the exercises with us, when we are practically falling over the move is so hard, you stopping and just standing there does not movitvate us to keep going when you are taking a little coffee break of your own
3.  Okay there wasn't coffee but there wasn't any opportunity to drink water either, we need to hydrate so when you hop from one debilitating move to the next give us a chance to hydrate!
4.  Stretching is a necessity, when you work us soooo hard our limbs are seizing up, you need to stretch those limbs out periodically so we don't end up all stiff and walk around looking like we have dumbbells up our arse for the next several days!
5.  Its a well known rule at the gym, if we like you - yell at us to try harder, if we don't and you yell we aren't dipping low enough on our lunges, well i will just swear at you A LOT (in my head only, i really like this gym and don't want to get kicked out)
6.  Lastly, be grateful we showed up because before myself and my friend arrived your class was made up of 3 people, considering we have to fight about 40 girls for space on a bar in physique 57 you should be happy we showed up

Okay, end rant!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sneaky lululemon wearing banker!

I am a lululemon ninja!
Today I am wearing an oversized turtleneck sweater, lululemon wunder unders, a 5 yr pima tee and franco sarto knee high boots
Tried desperately to get hubby to wake up this morning and judge my outfit but since he is on nights tonight i settled for grilling every coworker I came across, do i look like i'm headed to the gym or does this actually work?  Apparently I pull it off, yay!  Now i'm comfy and look professional :o)
My tee

My pants

My boots

Not my sweater :o)

Comfort food and Christmas in a cup!

I work late every Tuesday so eating a proper dinner is a challenge and I often don't have the time to cook before I leave for work so it was a late one last night and I turned to an age old favourite, grilled cheese!  Of course to healthify (yes this is a word only i knew existed) we had asparagus soup (the healthy kind, not the kind with cream) topped with torn spinach and grilled cheese was made with Dempsters ancient grain bread and Herb Havarti cheese (the fancy kind according to m.d), yummm yummm yummm!  I took a pic but my iphone produced quite a lacklustre photo so it's not going on here - must start using the fancy DSLR camera to take my food pics!

After a yummy dinner we snuggled up to watch The Town, a great movie staring Ben Affleck (side note: he is so hot in this movie, there is a working out scene that made me squeal a little), I told m.d. i was going to make some peppermint hot chocolate and to keep an open mind - I am now obsessed with this...

I bought it at Wholefoods on the weekend and my special, wondrous purchase is apparently available everywhere and on sale at my local Zehrs, lol!
Its sooo creamy and minty and delicious, m.d. was quite impressed when he found out it was Soy (by impressed i mean he raised an eyebrow looked suspiciously at his mug again, shrugged and drank the rest with an offhand comment of "yeah its pretty good")
I'm excited about my new find and i'm thinking of stocking up for the rest of the Winter!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Salsa (the dance and the food)

So zumba was an absolute blast last night, they introduced a few of the new instructors to teach a couple of classes, meh.... not nearly as much intensity as the regular teacher so we were all relieved every time she stepped up to teach a song, its great when you go to a class with a bunch of people that can laugh the whole way through at you or at themselves, new instructors = a lot of flailing last night :o)

I made this for dinner last night

seriously having issues getting pictures the right way up :oÞ
An ancient grain wrap stuffed with chicken breast, spinach and peppers, topped with salsa and jalapeno havarti cheese, side salad with salsa ranch dressing, yummmm, m.d. says this is one of his new top meals, super healthy and full of flavour!

M.d. got called in for an overtime shift this morning so after a chilly walk with the furbaby, i headed to Physique 57 and pushed SO hard, i'm amazed to find everything is getting easier to do, leg lifts, squats, plank, the last 2 weeks (and many weeks of classes before) are really paying off!

I'm still being careful of my right shoulder, still a few twinges and i'm determined not to injure it more, being totally out of commission would drive me batty... well battier then normal ;o)

Monday, December 13, 2010


I find the best way to get back into the groove on Monday is to have Zumba to look forward to!  The rest of my weekend was pretty fabulous, did a little shopping here...

Went to the mall to shop for presents with a great friend on Sunday and had so much fun shopping for her 1 year old i bought nothing on my list, but we did take a yummy gelato break...

Rest of the day was spent cuddling with m.d. who arrived home from Montreal just in time to avoid the flash freeze and snow storm that arrived around 8pm!  We watched the Amazing Race finale and I'm sooo excited that the doctors won and one of the girls was wearing Lululemon CRB (Cool Racer Back to those who are not as obsessed with lulu as I am!)

Today we are having friends over for healthy enchiladas and to watch the Dexter finale but first a whole bunch of girls are heading to the Monday Zumba class, the instructor for Mondays is very aerobic based and I leave the class shaking and dripping in sweat, Zumba can really vary from low key tribal music to salsa to top 40 hits (these are my favs), a lot of the gyms best instructors keep getting pregnant, jeez, and an instructor and the music really makes or breaks a class!  I recommend everyone try a few classes with a few instructors because its an amazing work out (600-1000 calories per hour depending on how hard you wiggle and jump) and as long as you maintain a good sense of humour (i regularly laugh at myself going in the wrong direction or flailing the opposite way), then you will fall in love with this incredibly fun form of exercise that doesn't seem like exercise at all!!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Late Late Late

So my morning started off great, woke up feeling really relaxed and happy when I realized the furry baby was laying across me, let me explain what this means... she starts her ascent up the bed starting around 6:30am (an appropriate time to wake up she believes) and by 8:00am she is on the pillow with you, now it also occurs to me she is almost all the way up the bed, I can see light out the bedroom window and I can't quite recall setting the alarm to get up this morning, oh my crap!!!

When i work saturday i'm up by 6:00am so i have enough time to walk the fur baby, make breakfast and tea, put together lunch and snacks and have a shower and beautify myself - i woke up at 7:38am!!!! I normally leave for work at 7:45 at the latest :oS

I bribe the fur baby with dog treats to not go on a long walk she usually insists on in the morning, i shower in talcum powder, throw my makeup in a case, grab a pack of instant oatmeal and its go time!  I arrive at work only 2 minutes late and people already know something is up as i'm not wearing high heels!  I love my high heels but a day thats starts like that deserves flats and in order to improve a ridiculous start to the day, i wear my patent black flats, everyone should have a pair, these were purchased on sale last year at The Gap!

I'm off to Oakville after work to make a lululemon run (won't be buying anything for me though, booo!) and to check out Whole Foods, hopefully no one will judge the thrown together look i have working for me today, i texted m.d. in Montreal to get some sympathy but now he just refers to me as stinky :oÞ

Friday, December 10, 2010

Fishy weekend

Not much to report this grey Friday!

My m.d. is in Montreal for the weekend with friends so that means I get to eat all the things he doesn't like!  Today we start with salmon cakes and baby romaine salad, yummmmmm :o)  And i have a fun trip to whole foods planned, I live an exciting life when m.d is away!

And annoying news, i tore something in my shoulder at the gym yesterday, silly me for not warming up!  Its made doing pretty much everything today pretty miserable, from blow drying my hair to driving - its wrong to call in sick tomorrow due to a sore shoulder right?

Happy weekend!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Its a Starbucks kind of day!

This morning i was nominated to do the coffee run since i was running a little late (this is what happens when you stay up too late at christmas partys on a week night!)
So i decided to make it a little more festive and drop by Starbucks and oh my I am in love with the creme brulee soy milk latte, mmmmmmm!

My latte taking its rightful place in the centre of my desk!
(photo courtesy of hipstamatic camera app on my iphone 4)
My coworkers had everything from peppermint mochas to pumpkin spice lattes and you can definitely see an improved mood around the branch when the day starts off with whipped cream (at least for everyone but me!)

Boo KEG Boo

Well as you can tell from the title, dinner didn't go so well last night...

The dinner company was great, m.d.'s work friends are awesome, had a wonderful time meeting them all and found out they lovingly refer to m.d. as lulu due to all the lululemon lunch bags i pack his lunches in :o)

I was SO well bahaved and only had one bite of caeser salad, two bites of bread and half a steak with TONS of veggies but oh my gosh it was depressing! I wanted to curl up in a ball and weep when everyone ate their appetizers and all the bread and butter (that is my BIG weakness), I was starving by the time we drove home after 11 but I am PROUD of myself, next time I would just rather eat at home and just sip wine at dinner then have to do that again, sooo many calories for so little food, its just not right!

I did end up missing the gym due to booking our next vacation with friends!  I am the official travel haggler (i'm the only one that will deal with the travel agents and get tons off the price for us so i'm always nominated to make the official booking call) So in February we are off to...

Resorts private island

So excited, our last trip was to Italy and as much fun as it was eating and traveling our way through the magical boot it will be nice to go All Inclusive again for a break!  8 more weeks to keep eating well and working on my beach body :oÞ

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Let it SNOW!

I know London, ON which is about an hour away from me is under around 50 cms of snow we haven't been hit too bad in my area but I have to admit the snow makes me feel oh so festive and I have informed m.d. we are putting up the tree tomorrow!!!

Here is couple of my favourite snowy pictures of my fur baby

My lululemon obsession

So i'm a wee bit obsessed with lululemon, its at the point now that m.d. has cut me off until after christmas, i'm severely pouting about this, its just unreasonable I tell you!

My current fav fav fav purchase is the Alpine Pullover, its soft and comfy and oh so pretty

I have the permisson colour, its gorgeous!

2 websites that feed my addiction are


My friends all ask me why i'm willing to spend so much $ on there clothes and I always say its the quality, i've been buying their stuff for 5 years now and I still wear every piece!  That and the reverse groove pants can actually change your life, lol!  Its true, the things they do to your bum are amazing, m.d. loves when I wear their pants and it even makes him forget a little just how much $ I spend there every month

Lululemon also creates friendship, m.d. and the fedex guy are on a first name basis (you can order from their website and get free shipping!!!!), I however am not a fan of the fedex guy as he regularly tell m.d. i order too much, ummmm keep your opinions to yourself please!

So visit your closest store, troll the blogs or shop online, your bum will be happy (your wallet not as much!)

Happy Fridge

I was so bursting with pride after i bought my groceries on Monday that I actually took a picture of my fridge, yes I am that lame, all the healthy food just makes me a happy girl and really motivates me!

Funky Monkey shake

So this is my recipe for a funky monkey shake!
1/2 frozen banana
1 drinking box of natura chocolate soy milk that has been frozen
1/2 tbsp of peanut butter (you can use more but i don't like it too peanutbutteree)
2-3 ice cubes
dollop of liberte greek yoghurt

Sooooo yummy - nutritionally it works out to be (according to my daily plate)

245 calories
8.3 grams of fat
4 grams of fibre
14 grams of protein

Eating challenge

Yesterday was a draining day, my body has decided it hates beans and i spent the majority of the day doubled over with tummy pains, not sure what to take to offset this or i might have to avoid them all together!  I went to physique 57 in the morning so I just got to relax when I got home after work, by relax i mean completely sprawl out on the couch with the furry baby and mindlessly surf and watch gossip girl saved on the PVR, good times :o)

Sideway view of my laptop wallpaper, a lululemon symbol yelling in caps to MOVE!

So my title sounds like part of an episode of the biggest loser right?  Its all about my challenge for the day!  Today is m.d.'s work party and its being held at The Keg and I just made the mistake of looking up the nutritional menu for the restaurant, booooo!  Lets see if I can get through it with just part of a 8 oz sirloin and steamed veggies, definitely a challenge when i love love love their bread and butter!  To offset the calorie massacre that might occur tonight i am dragging m.d. to UFC at the gym, we will see if it actually happens!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Weekend FUN

So i totally abandon my blog on the weekends it seems! 
Quick summary:
Friday I took the day off from the gym, hit up multiple winners trying to find a dress for my work party, no luck :o(
Saturday I cleaned the house with m.d., love listening to music and getting things accomplished, my parents helped us install a new dishwasher and I ended up buying a belt for a LBD that i already owned and totally rocked my christmas party, let me tell you, 300 bankers and their spouses can drink A LOT of wine!  I ate really healthy during the meal except for the 1.85 white bread rolls with butter i couldn't help but eat, oh yummmm!
Sunday I dragged my bum out of bed, kicked m.d. out the door for squash at 8 and then headed to the gym myself for a 9am physique class, SO hard!  Went to Yorkdale which i love and holiday shopped (this consists of adding stuff to my christmas list instead of buying for others!)
Monday I dragged m.d. to Costco and stocked up on Stacys Simply pita chips, i'm so obsessed and hit up a zumba class, I swear I burn 1000 calories at that class, the teacher on mondays is very aerobic based and makes us work it hard!

So my first week of healthy eating is officially over, i did really well and am quite proud of myself, took a day off on Sunday and had some take out but I didn't let myself feel guilty while i inhaled my pasta!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Too much

So yesterday after attending an incredibly dull conference (where the only real highlight was seeing some old work friends and the snacks i had packed in my purse) I booted it to Physique 57, the definition of P 57 is "groundbreaking cardiovascular program made up of isometric exercises and orthopedic stretches", sounds pretty simple? Not so much, i like to describe P57 to my friends as "ballet on crack" and I seriously love it.  Its the first class to ever truly change the shape of my pear like body, My arms are sculpted, my abs are evidant and my butt is quite possibly perkier, I ask m.d what he thinks but he loves my butt pre and post P57 so he isn't much help!  This class was made popular by Kelly Ripa who takes it in NYC and I read somewhere its about $50 a class and for my monthly gym membership of $40 I take it about 3 times a week!

So last night after Physique I popped over to the coed studio for the last half of zumba, my other fav class and shook and shimmied my way into a ridiculous sweat!  I was supposed to stay for an hour of yoga with a friend but by the time I raced home, and let out the furbaby my couch was just calling to me so i bailed and made grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner, not too inventive but exactly the comfort food i needed

Yesterday was my 5th day in a row of at least 1 hour of exercise a day so I felt completely drained and started daydreaming of a wendys frosty so I know its time for a day off, my personality is already fighting it and thinking well maybe i can squeeze a quick run in..., must learn to slow down, must!

Side note: I wore my new lululemon ruffled cool racerback to the gym last night and managed to feel cute even when i was gross and sweaty and I also wore my purple savasana socks to the start of physique when the classroom was still a little chilly, the grips were super helpful to stop the sliding and the buttons up the side are so darn cute!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Yoga is hard!

So last night my "plan" was to head to UFC class at the gym after work, UFC is a 45 minute class that literally kicks the crap out of you and leaves you aching afterwards (in a good way of course) but procrastination and exhaustion kicked in so I went home and prepared dinner, (roasted brussels, sweet potatoes and red onions and yummy home made black bean burgers), once dinner was made I dragged my lazy but outside for a quick walk with the furry baby and then off to the gym for yoga, I haven't been to yoga much lately and I do wish i made more time for it because i forget how challenging it actually is, feeling very pleased with myself and zen afterwards i hop on the treadmill (ick!) for 30 minutes and push myself to get some cardio in!

Sped home and m.d. actually enjoyed the black bean burgers (he was all set to head to mcdonalds at the sight of them, he is off the rare breed of body type that can eat anything he wants and still look fit - grrrrrrrrrr), but hurrah for a healthy homemade vegetarian meal!

So I might have procrastinated but I got my work out in and felt better for it, today i have a conferance in Cambridge so i'm hoping to be back in time to go to Physique 57, more about that later!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A little about me...

My name is Donna, i feel that its marginally safe to share this little tidbit, I am 31 years old and live in Ontario, Canada

I work for a large bank as a Financial Advisor and enjoy most aspects of the job though the pressure often gets to be a bit much sometimes, it pays well and supports my shopping habits!  Lately this is mostly limited to Lululemon, i am obsessed with this store!

I live with my fur baby and a wonderful man who i shall call mr. donna, he is everything to me, i went through a divorce at the ripe age of 28.99 and spent all year 29 finding myself, traveling and dating, my sister had made me promise on a flight to vegas to take one year to myself with no serious boys and 1 year 1 day later I met m.d!

I'm currently on a new healthy kick where i eat the recommended calories for the day, its something i have never tried before!  I alluded to my eating issues in my previous post, and I promise this will not be a blog full of whinging about my weight, I'm realize i'm actually quite small at around 125lbs and 5'3, but my relationship with food and dieting sucks and i'm determined to put an end to that, i'm hoping to share with you healthy recipes, cool gym class descriptions and tips and progress as i attempt to like my body (this includes my jiggly bottom)!

My plan is to share tips, tactics etc... on
Healthy Eating (and the struggle to get m.d. to do the same!)
Working out (i belong to a local gym and love the classes)
Running (its a fight to get out there in the winter but gives me an excuse to buy more of the next item)
Lululemon (did you know thursday is the day new items are uploaded to the website? I do and it still doesn't stop me shopping at the actual store every other week or so)
Photography (mostly sharing photos as i honestly only use my camera to about 25% of its ability)
Travel (i have travelblogs from my recent trips to Greece, Jamaica and Italy that i might share or this could just be me daydreaming about where to travel next)

Well, thats the plan, lets see how it goes! :o)

So this is blogging?

So, my very first post, right now i'm most concerned about picking the perfect font, pondering why every blog i look at seems to be a car dealer or devoted friend of god, and most importantly when and how to actually tell people i've started a blog, so for now this is our little secret!

My title should actually be Love, Run, Travel, Eat and Lululemon as those are my top loves and i'll be talking about them all here if i decide this is something I really want to continue but more about me in a bit

I started following a few blogs recently and i had a lightbulbabovethehead moment last week and decided to finally start taking care of my body in regards to food as i've pretty much abused it for the last 10 years
Confession: I haven't stepped on a scale in almost 2 years now in order to avoid the scariness that was probably an eating disorder (my goodness this blog thing has me sharing things i don't normally say out loud already!)

I have blogged before but always in the form of travelblogs on facebook for my friends and family to follow me on my crazy travel adventures so i thought maybe just maybe i'd give a few random people the chance to read my every day ramblings not just my "oh holy crap i'm stuck on an italian train without a ticket" posts

So thats my intro, i'll be back with an all about me post once I figure out some other things to actually say :o)