Monday, January 10, 2011

Does this cape make me look fat?

I plan on being a superhero this week, i will be battling against the villain sodium!

Looking over my daily plate i notice that i have been eating a bit more then my recommended allowance of sodium and that added to the 3 slices of pizza i had last night could be why i don't look quite as slim in my banana republic grey knit dress today as i would like (if i'm honest, i look like i have the start of a baby bump, there isn't a baby in there, just a lot of pizza)

So wish me luck, i'm really good and keeping my sugar down but damn, there is a lot of sodium in the food i love (cheese, cheese and cheese)

Saturday I did make it to the grocery store Goodness Me and it was FAB, i was little girl excited walking up and down the aisles with a look of wonder on my face, here is what i bought

Trying coconut water again and got hubby some root beer and ginger beer for the pop withdrawls he is going through

Mmmm sweets!

For the hubby as he is desperately missing his pasta

i've never tried tempeh, tofu or veggie dogs before, wish me luck!

Tried 2/3 of these in oatmeal this morning, only 1 made the cut (hint: its in the middle)

Upside down i know, but i've been obsessed with this icecream since i tried it at a local icecream store that closed down and i'm ecstatic i found it at Goodness Me, too bad it cost $7.20 for that tiny container!

We had some yummy chili my mum made us and i drooled and ate and drooled over my ginger icecream, we watched a movie by Drew Barrymore called Whip it, a lot better then i thought it would be and hubby actually liked it (having Kings of Leon on the soundrack totally sold him)

Sunday I kissed hubby bye at 7, then went back to bed till 7:30, made thin bagel with peanut butter and my new jam then headed to Physique 57 at 9am, sooo hard!  Then went to Anti Gravity yoga at 10am, forgot how much i love this class, here is the description

Anti Gravity Yoga
Category: Yoga
Difficulty: E
Come hang out with us, literally! This yoga/muscle/cardio/core class has it all! Enjoy inversions using the support of your Anti Gravity hammock. Currently the only club in Canada to offer this amazing new program
This is a picture of the things we do in anti gravity yoga, and looking at the pic i realize this is the actual room i take it in at my gym!
After the gym, i snacked on a apricot bumblebar (yummy but i prefer to eat half at a time, they are kind of overwhelming), and a zico coconut water, i really want to like coconut water but i just don't think i can do it - headed to the grocery store, bought more food, came home, tidied up, unpacked food, prepared tomorrows dinner (stay tuned), made peanut butter protein balls, made hummus and at 6:30pm i finally had a shower (yes i was stinky!), then came the wine and the wholewheat pizza!

We used to have cheat weekends, now we have cheat meals, wholewheat takeout pizza and a frosty from wendys, mmmmmmm

Back to work today, only having one day off is hard but 5 days of work and its my 3 day weekend, woohoooo

Till then i have to put my cape on and fight the sodium battle :o)