Saturday, January 8, 2011

Matchy Poo

I have a problem...

I can't stop matching my stuff

It's a serious issue, if my undies and bra don't match i swear things go wrong in my day

I buy lululemon sports bras that match my running shoes to peek out of my cool racerback tanks to save me from having to buy whole new matching wardrobes every time i buy new shoes

If my shade of tights doesn't match my shoes, i'm irked

When i buy purses i MUST have at least a scarf and/or hat and/or mittens that match, in the summer this has to be flipflops and/or flats

I have a sephora makeup set that makes me giddy because it has enough colours that the little highlight i use on the crease of my eyelids will ALWAYS match what i'm wearing that day, changing outfits mid day causes much rubbing, cursing and eye makeup remover

I like to consider this a quirk, my family has other names for it including the title :oD

Todays example...

My grey sweater is the same tone as my lululemon static grey tank, the tank is similar (not similar enough for me but similar none the same) to my lululemon scarf, the piping on the scarf matches my lululemon tights and the silver on the buttons goes with the silver chain i'm wearing

Topping off the outfit is my faux leather jacket from The Bay and leather flat riding boots from Nine West
I wore it with my purple Coach purse (ala Coach factory store in Niagara Falls NY) with matching Banana Republic mittens for a splash of colour - i squealed with glee when i found these mittens that matched EXACTLY, the other customers in the store were concerned, obviously don't know the delight that comes with finding matching shades of accessories

I admit it, i'm a matchy poo, but hey today will be a good day because my underthings match :o)

What I Ate Yesterday (soon to be known as WIAY - once i repeat it enough times that is!)
Breakfast: Banana Bread Oatmeal (oats, almond milk, ground flax, bananas, raisins, spices)
Lunch: Corn Chowder (again, kind of getting sick of it, must start cutting recipes in half)
Dinner: Spaghetti squash with vegetarian tomatoe sauce on top, have to admit, not a fan, it was the consistency that threw me off, i wanted pasta and i got vegetable :oÞ

What I Did Yesterday (WIDY, i am SO creative)
Ummmm: Nothing, lol!  I went to stretch and stregnth and the class was canceled, had a little hissy fit because this should have been updated on the online schedule and it wasn't, plus this is like the 5th time the guy hasn't shown up to teach, pfffttttt!

I went to visit my parents and hang out for a little bit,  then i went to a funeral visitation for a coworkers mum then raced home and watched Whip It with hubby cuddled up on the couch till 11:30, 6:00am came VERY early this morning, luckily the coworkers and i had arranged a Starbucks run this morning - so excited creme brulee soy lattes are still available!!!

Hoping to head out after work to a health food store about half an hour away to peruse the aisles and find some inspiration for dinners next week, wish me luck i will get there as we have a lot of snow in the forcast!