Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New class reviews

Monday was our official first day back to super clean healthy eating and we totally rocked it, none of the usual crap cravings we tend to get on our first few back to healthy days!  I did however have one of the worst headaches (migraine?) of my life, hubby made me tea, i ate dark chocolate, nothing but going to bed and sleeping it off helped, boo to headaches, i say boo!  Tuesday was another great day for eating, i made veggie big macs, yummmmm hubby said they were good and even though there were a few ummm after effects of introducing veggie burgers to our diet we will definitely be buying more!  (i used amys brand found at my local grocery store)

I hit the gym twice Monday for Physique 57 and Zumba, we had a new P57 instructor and she made me want to cry a little with her leg lifting prowness, holy crap she was like a flipping flamingo up at the front while the rest of us sweated and shook and cursed a lot!  Zumba was fab as always, but a lot of work after the bum kicking i received in P57

Tuesday was the title mentionning new classes I went to Soul Cycle and Body Art

- I gotta say Soul Cycle was fun because it was a spin class in the dark with the instructor surrounding herself with candles at the front of the room, what i didn't like was that i wanted to keep jumping off my bike to run for some weird reason and the horrible achy arse i have today!  Since i didn't feel super challenged by Soul Cycle (just super sweaty) I arranged to go try out the new class called Body Art!

- Body Art is a fusion of Zumba, Yoga, P57, Pilates, its flipping crazy!  I sweat (sweated, swoot) sooo much, i was chatting to the instructor afterwards and she said its very yin/yang, every move has a counter move, i love that!  We did a series of different standing moves on the mat that will be repeated for 6 weeks to show you your progress and let me tell you, 2 minutes of plank runs just about did me in but i really truly enjoyed the dance/yoga infusion into cardio routines

So today i am stupid sore so if hubby heads to the gym for squash tonight i will tag along to use the treadmill and get some abwork in but i WILL take it easy, there is no dignity having to lower yourself into your desk chair (or the loo for that matter!)  :o)

Look, its me all zen atop of a errr mountain, eeek just looking at pic makes bottom hurt more!