Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pouty pouty pants

I truly try to post something cute, quirky or interesting every day and if i have nothing i throw up a travel blog for fun,  Mexico and Italy are still to come!
Today will not be one of those days
My "unreasonable time" has me turning into a grouchy monster (and not the yummy green kind)
I have the honour of being graced with a migraine every 28 days and today is that day, at least i hope so because if this sticks around another day my head might start spinning all the way around
I tried to google headache clipart and found some of the lamest pics ever so here is a self portrait of miss pouty pouty pants

I edited the picture to be sepia, if only i could make the world sepia until this headache and my aversion to bright colours and light passes :o)

Hope everyone has a lovely day, the weather is a lot warmer in Ontario today and despite headache i might attempt physique 57 tonight, i need to be bikini ready in 10 days :oÞ

Donna xox