Monday, July 4, 2011

True Story

I spend my weekend with vampires 

What did you get up to? 

Now I know what you are thinking 

Vampires aren't real 

And thank goodness for that 

I don't think I would look good dead 

I look bad enough first thing in the morning 

Imagine how I would look all pale and lacking a soul? 

Anyway, I still spent my weekend with vampires 

They were just courtesy of HBOs True Blood 

Tons of my friends watch this show and Amber was kind enough to lend me the first couple of seasons 

Just don't watch it with your parents around was everyones advice - its really dirty! 

Then the awkward happened 

My mum saw the DVD cases and excitedly told me season 4 was starting soon 


So other then watch the whole first season of the show this is what else we got up to this weekend


Friday was beautiful, we celebrated our country's birthday and headed to Rockwood just outside Guelph to get our hike on

We followed it with an epic date night, one of those nights were everything goes wrong but you still have fun because you love each other 

Went a little like this

Waitress was an airhead who had to be asked to bring us everything including our menus
Found hair in my pizza

Went to batting cage finally (have romantic image of BF having his arms around me showing me how to swing) - balls spit out everywhere but in our direction - batting cage fail! 

Cure for everythingwentwrong date? Candle light s'mores and true blood!


SATURDAY Hit the gym and then finalized our appliance search Only took about 12 appliance stores, 4 pissy phone calls, several douches and we finally decided on The Bay to purchase our shiny kitchen items 

To celebrate we BBQ'd, drank, had zumba lessons on the deck and then caught the late show of Bad Teacher 

LRT movie review
Bad Teacher

Donna: funny, Cameron Diaz is great, Justin timberlake not so much, story has holes but we did enjoy it 
Dave: alright 6/10 more of a renter


Ignored all efforts to work out in favour of buying groceries, tanning in the back yard and playing baseball - THAT IS IT and it was great!!!
So over the weekend we kept it mostly healthy, it's definitely the way of life for us now 
One food i'm loving lately is falafel and when I saw this at the grocery store I definitely wanted to give it a try as the ingredients were whole and it was cheaper then making it myself 

We topped it with tzatziki sauce some broccoli slaw and spinach in a multigrain wrap 
Result - yummy but a weird aftertaste - I'll be making this on my own soon for sure! Stay tuned for the recipe


Okay well I'm off to watch more True Blood, make s'mores and hope Monday never comes - if you are reading this I guess it did tho :oP