Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hi blog, its me, sorry i broke up with you for 11 days but i'm officially back!

My dead fern that i really must take off the front doorstep!
First off, longest title ever?  I think maybe so!

After 11 glorious days off today is my last day of vacation so i'm officially unslackersizing myself and will hopefully fill my blog up with new posts

My first will be a today post and then the following ones will be the inevitable 2011 resolutions post, what Santa brought me for Christmas, what i've been up to etc... I'm sure everyone is on the edge of their seats :o)

Woke up to say bye to the hubby (i'm officially calling him that now as m.d. was sounding a little doctor-ee and that + the confusing dream i had about hubby wanting to be a nurse which might have been a result of seeing the new meet the parents movie preview was just getting a little confusing - i have WEIRD dreams, i'm sure i will amuse you with more of them at a later time!)  Anyway, put hubbys lunch together and said bye to him at the front door and was greeted by a winter wonderland, wth???  I guess between 9pm and 7am it hasn't stopped snowing, boooo!  Now the holidays are over i was hoping to maintain the 6 degree celcius we had on New Years Day!

Last years best christmas present ever - chesnut tall uggs, i love love love them and seriously have worn them almost every day for a year!
So took the fur baby for a walk and took a few iphone pics, now i'm off to tidy up, make corn chowder and be proactive and organize my outfits for the upcoming week!

This post is sprinkled with a few snowy pics to tide you over till i'm back with a hopeful onslaught of posts!
Awwww look at the snowflake on furry babys nose!  True fact, doodles noses turn colour depending on the season, pink in winter, black in summer!