Monday, January 24, 2011

Egg laying bunnies (and other weekend adventures)

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

I'll do my usual weekend in pics - makes my monday posts so much easier (and fun!)

Saturday after work i went to lululemon (my happy place) and tried on a new running pullover - what do you think? I would need to size up but it didn't really wow me!
Details about the new pullover

Lol, i look super impressed here
The back flares out a bit, kind of looks like i have wings!
I thought i would HATE the no limit tank but in the end i had to force myself to only buy one colour!

Sexy side shot

Not sure where to look, lol!  I got the Aruba colour since i'm going there in less then 2 weeks!

My loot for the afternoon (i miss lululemon calling their sale loot!)

New items here to try - almond crackers (blech), coconut butter (yummm), sunflower butter (double yummm), shortbread (that i might have tried in the car), and the peppermint chocolate soy milk in the back? i might have bough 4 of them!

Doodle and her new cousin tried to tolerate each other

And the piece de resistance - cadbury creme eggs are bbbbaaaaccckkkkkkk!!!!!

PROGRESS: Yesterday was a treat day and when i picked up our normal veggies etc.. for the week (that i can't bring myself to buy from whole foods) it was decided that chips would be our cheat food for the week but i made the mistake of looking at the ingrediant list of my love Sour Cream and Bacon potatoe chips, darn it, I can no longer willingly put MSG in my body, i resorted to natural lays for the hubby, and kettle chips for me - i am a new person, lets have a moment for my previous chips though, kay? kay!

Today is Zumba night and since hubby has squash a little later i'm going to stick around for weights, I've decided this week to amp up my cardio, and introduce green tea back into my routine in the evenings - here goes! (must stop screwing up nose just thinking about green tea) :o)