Tuesday, January 25, 2011

God save the QUEEN!

First off, i went to Zumba last night and was FULL of energy, even when we did the new dance that had me going in the wrong direction each and every time for the entire 3m30s song!

While waiting for D to be done squash i used a few weight machines and then hopped on the treadmill, i miss summer running SO bad :o(

Today we  have someone working on the house so i stayed in and utlized Angelas kettle bell 101 tips and then tried my wii zumba game, some how i was chosen to be male and i swear the guy moves in slow motion?  So i finished with some abs that came with a faceful of doodle tail, the furry baby loves to be rightnexttome when i work out at home!  At work now and already feeling it a bit, still trying to decide what classes to go to tomorrow - suggestions?

Not much to say today, i'm having one of those treaded girly fat days, might be because of that very special time of the month is coming (my unreasonable time as D likes to call it), but either way i feel like moo-ing and i can't be reasoned with, it will pass... i hope

Odd title right?  It's the first song that comes to mind when I think about being British!

Yup, thats right, i'm not a "real" canadian, i've lived in Canada for 23 years and still my passport is a shade of plum and i pronounce garage as gar-adge :o)

My accent didn't stick around long, going to school in Canada cured my sister and i of that quite quickly but words not often used around Canadians some times pop up in my vocabulary!

My entire family is british which means everyone but my sister, myself and our cousin all have accents so i'm quite adept at translating odd british words and phrases (did you have to que up for the lift today?)

My uncle and cousin came to Canada about 5 years prior to my parents and couldn't say enough good things about the country, my parents decided to go on an adventure and we moved to Canada justlikethat!  Well not really, lots of tests paperwork, boxes etc...

The memory that stands out the most is my parents talking to my uncle prior to getting on the Wardair flight to Canada and him telling us it was sunny and 25 degrees (in march) and to just pack our winter gear in the boxes being shipped, well we arrived to a blizzard producing about 2 feet of snow and ice, my mum and dad weren't impressed house and car shopping in anoraks and trainers (wind breakers and running shoes) but it was a great introduction to the finicky weather that is Canada

I've been back only once, it was a wonderful trip full of memories of growing up in an entirely different country and i ate A LOT

This post has a purpose, my biggest weakness is british food...

The candy is fab, they use flavours like black currant and raspberry insead of grape and cherry (ewwwwwww)
They lluuurrrvvvveee butter and puddings (desserts)
The grocery stores are full of whole foods, delicous prepared dinners, etc....

My list of favourite british things are

Thortons toffee

Proper english tea
Scotch eggs (though i think they might be scotish)
Scones with fresh cream and jam
Banoffee pie

Bubble and squeak
Cadbury chocolate buttons
I could go on for DAYS

Seriously, the next time you pass a quaint little british store (you know the one, each town usually has it tucked away in the downtown area), stop in, try something new, you won't regret it, trust me (just don't blame me if you start to moo!)