Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 To Do List

I tried to come up with a different title, I have read A LOT of resolutions on the blogs i try to keep up with but lets be honest, this is a list of resolutions!  Some years i make lists of what i was grateful for the year past, this year hubby and i sat and wrote our resolutions list on our iphones, yes we are lame!

I wrote 11 resolutions (2011 - get it?)

1. Run at least 3 races - last year my sister and i ran our first race EVER together, a small 5K but damn did it feel good crossing that finish line with our family cheering us on

2. Build a new home - hubby and i are so excited to move, our house is a 2 bedroom, 1 bath and hopefully we will get a good start on finishing the basement and then we are planning to build a home with a great reputable builder about 2 blocks away from our current home

3. Stop slamming drawers in the house - there is a side note beside this resolution and that is what is for the sake of hubby and i's relationship, lol!

4. Continue my whole food, healthy eating journey - i am in love with eating well and even hubby requested most of christmas break that we keep it up because he loves how great we both feel and look when we are really focused on what we eat

5. Travel to 3 new places/countries - well since we are headed to Aruba in 1 month and 2 days, thats one checked off, i like to travel out of the country at least twice a year, i save and invest a lot so that i can afford to discover as much of the world as possible

6. Drink more water - this is a constant struggle for me as i have the bladder the size of a pea, i also told hubby last night i won't be buying pop for the house anymore he was quite agreeable, not sure he realizes fresca is pop!

7. Make photography a priority and take at least one class - i have an eye for travel photograpy, at least this is what everyone tells me, and i want to really focus on improving my skills

8. Pay off my revolving debt - i really have to focus on this, i invest a lot but i also shop a lot and i need to set goals for just how much lululemon i can buy every month!

9. Get a new job or be happier in existing job - this is a challenge, some days i love my job and my clients and others i can't stand the pressure and beg hubby to let me quit and become a yoga instructor!

10. Make a vegetable garden - this is a project for the summer and i'm really excited about growing some veggies, my parents used to have a big garden when i was younger and i actually named a few vegetables - errr zachary the zucchini was totally cool :o)

11. Convince hubby to marry me!  This is kind of a joke as he showed me his list contained buy me a ring - whoohoooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I don't expect anything for quite a while but i'm excited none the less, he is my everything and since we got home from Italy last fall i've been really ready to take that next step

So this is my To Do List, i'll try to check back at the 6 month mark and see how i'm doing!