Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Can't wait for this house to be our HOME

Only 24 days

Not that i'm counting

Till this house

Yup thats the one on the right

Becomes our home

Want to know how Dave calms me down when i stress about all the moving drama?

He whispers "granite countertops" and "sliding drawers in the pantry" into my ears

Works like a charm!

Want to know what i whisper in his ear when he gets overwhelmed by all we have going on?

CENSORED *$%*#*@($*$&(*$+#**&@*&^% CENSORED

Bahhahaa kidding!

I say "glass shower, man cave and flat screen tv above fireplace"

So on todays What I Wednesday

I'm going to show you a few pictures on how the house progress is coming along

New house stats
# of times we had to switch our lot - ONE
# of jokes our builder has made - NONE (this guy is made of stone, great builder but its a serious mission of mine to get him to crack a smile)
# of fights we had over hardwood - FIVE
# of contractors we have seen in the house - THOUSAND (slight exageration there)
# of times i've done the seal clap in glee over progress made - MILLION (no exageration!)

So todays recipe is practice for yummy recipe i can serve visitors at the new house!

Salty Chocolate Lime Cookies

Follow basic vegan chocolate cookie recipe!
Add in sea salt dark chocolate and rind of one lime
Cook for exactly 11 minutes at 350 degrees

Drool over the deliciousness that is these cookies!!!
Then share with your parents who are grumbling over your dairy milk chocolate confession yesterday
If you get a sec you should read my mums comment on yesterdays post - as my friend Diane says she knows where i get my sense of humour from!

Have a great Hump Day and i'll see you tomorrow for some fitness fun xoxoxoxoxox