Thursday, June 30, 2011

Get your fit on

My back home running route! That speck in the distance is
Dave and Sydney running ahead of me :o)
Put on your spandex bodysuits readers

I'm talking about fitness today!

I don't talk about it all that much

Even though i really should, don't ya think?

My philosophy is that i just try to be active every single day

Except last week

I mean I was definitely active last week

Just in a moving my entire home into a 2 car garage kind of way

Remember when i said i was having issues with my shin?

It wasn't so much an issue

As i was in so much pain it hurt to put pressure on the gas and brake pedal when i drove

Its okay

I'm feeling better now

No need to avoid all my driving routes

What did i do to help the excrutiating pain?

I took it easy for a week

Then i took a whole week off

And i bought new shoes

My body needed a break

So i listened

And the result was me squealing with glee at Zumba Monday night to everyone that would listen

My shin doesn't hurt!!!!!!

And this week i broke my new shoes in on a 2km run on a route i used to take when i first discovered running about 6 years ago

Here is how it went...
So i thought i would share what my typical week looks like Fitness wise (not much running because i've not been able to the last month or two)

Monday -> Zumba
Tuesday -> Run
Wednesday -> UFC and Physique 57
Thursday -> Cycle and Zumba
Friday -> OFF
Saturday -> Physique 57
Sunday -> Spartan & sometimes Yoga

Thats about 4 cardios, 3 strengths a week - some weeks i work saturday am so i take a class friday, i mix it up all the time, i just really try to do something every day even if it is go for a hike and a chat with a girlfriend or a long stroll with the fur baby

Being injured and having to stop working out made me UBER sad, i don't ever want to take my ability to kick a Zumba classes arse for granted!

So this Monday before Zumba Christina and I tried out called Street Jazz where you learn one dance routine per class and here is our review

Intensity: High, way harder then we thought it would be but in a good way
Number of times Donna broke down in giggles: Too many to count, every time someone would do the splits i would laugh in the ridiculousness that was my attempt to do the same
Moments of sadness: one when we realized we wouldn't get to use the spirit fingers we had been practicing all day so we took this picture for you instead!


Let me tell you all this fitness makes me thirsty though ;o)


Being in transition between houses has resulted in a serious lackage (totally a word i tell you) of vegetables in my diet so i'm trying to squeeze as much goodness into my smoothies as possible!

I don't have a new smoothie recipe for you today but here is one of my favs!

Chocolate Raspberry Green Monster

Handful of Raspberries
1/2 Frozen Banana
3 Ice cubes
1 Cup of Chocolate Soy Milk
1 Tbsp of Chia Seeds
2 Handfuls of Kale

Directions: Blend that powerhouse up and try not to get smoothie everywhere, this isn't your kitchen after all!


Tomorrow is a day off for me but don't worry i have a post for you - i'm super blogger after missing you all for a whole week!

I'm leaving you with a photo of a weed (classy huh?) I just feel that this weed makes my runs better because they look like a pretty flower

I give you DITCH LILIES!!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Can't wait for this house to be our HOME

Only 24 days

Not that i'm counting

Till this house

Yup thats the one on the right

Becomes our home

Want to know how Dave calms me down when i stress about all the moving drama?

He whispers "granite countertops" and "sliding drawers in the pantry" into my ears

Works like a charm!

Want to know what i whisper in his ear when he gets overwhelmed by all we have going on?

CENSORED *$%*#*@($*$&(*$+#**&@*&^% CENSORED

Bahhahaa kidding!

I say "glass shower, man cave and flat screen tv above fireplace"

So on todays What I Wednesday

I'm going to show you a few pictures on how the house progress is coming along

New house stats
# of times we had to switch our lot - ONE
# of jokes our builder has made - NONE (this guy is made of stone, great builder but its a serious mission of mine to get him to crack a smile)
# of fights we had over hardwood - FIVE
# of contractors we have seen in the house - THOUSAND (slight exageration there)
# of times i've done the seal clap in glee over progress made - MILLION (no exageration!)

So todays recipe is practice for yummy recipe i can serve visitors at the new house!

Salty Chocolate Lime Cookies

Follow basic vegan chocolate cookie recipe!
Add in sea salt dark chocolate and rind of one lime
Cook for exactly 11 minutes at 350 degrees

Drool over the deliciousness that is these cookies!!!
Then share with your parents who are grumbling over your dairy milk chocolate confession yesterday
If you get a sec you should read my mums comment on yesterdays post - as my friend Diane says she knows where i get my sense of humour from!

Have a great Hump Day and i'll see you tomorrow for some fitness fun xoxoxoxoxox

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Let me be your tenant

So its true

I'm 32 years old 

I live with my parents

And my hunny

Also my child who is covered in fur lives with us too

Next stop Jerry Springer?

Nah, it's only going to be for 30 days*


I made the executive decision before we moved in that we would act like tenants, stay downstairs most of the time and try to keep life as normal as possible

That lasted about an hour

The other night i could be found sitting on my parents bedroom floor (for some odd reason our family of 4 used to regularly sit and have chats in my parents bedroom or bathroom) chatting away with them while eating their vinta crackers and letting my dad make me rum and cokes

This living with my parents thing is rough!

Have i mentioned they keep boxes of dairy milk chocolate in the fruit pantry that they don't think i know about?

Muahahahahaaaaaa ;o)

*I'm pretty sure i have heard my parents chant this on more then one occasion

So here is a tour of our temporary home

This place is a bloggers dream!!!

Rustic deck to photograph food on

Beautiful gardens to photograph food in

Amazing landscape to get attacked by mosquitos in!

To thank my parents for all their generosity I wanted to make a tasty breakfast!

I had some Justins Maple Almond Butter that a friend brought me back from the states and i was dying to use it so i made a twist on my breakfast cookie

Maple Apple Breakfast Cookie

1/3 cup of oatmeal flour
1 egg white
1/2 banana mashed
1/2 apple chopped
1 tsp of chia seeds
1 tsp of ground flax
1/4 tsp of baking powder
5 drops of stevia

Mash wet ingredients together
Add dry ingredients
Microwave on high for 90 seconds (which i just realized is the same as 1 minute 30 seconds, yes i'm THAT blonde)

Best Part? The toppings!!! 
OMG this was soooo good, i can't wait to make it again!
Justin - whoever you are, won't you bring your nut butter to Canada.... PLEASE???

See you tomorrow where we will have a tour of the new house :o)

Monday, June 27, 2011

I can do that

No wait...  

I never got to finish this post before taking my hiatus



I am woman hear me roar

Okay i'm not that cute of a roarer (real word?)

But Sydney defintely is

She must be hungry in that picture

Because thats exactly what i look like if i'm not fed every 2.5 hours :o)

So during my hiatus we packed up and said goodbye to our house


No matter what challenge would arise, arose, arouse, come up

I greeted it with I CAN DO THAT



Necessary to maintain my sanity?


Here are a few photos to catch you up on what went down during my week of

Operation: Get Out of House without Physically Harming Each Other
aka: Daves first move
aka: Donnas 12th move
aka: *&%$# (*&^% *&*%$#@* move
Sydney took care of the food in the freezer so we didn't have to pack it

This is the house we said goodbye too, can't wait to recreate these gardens at the new one

Made sure the sydster felt loved

Left messy notes on the boxes

Beer motivated a lot of our packing

We were happiest exploring the new house

Making sure the shower is big enough to wash syd in

Used moving as an opportunity to get rid of kitchen items i'm scared of - such as the automatic can opener

We went out for thai as a treat for packing

Our chauffeur

Fathers day was celebrated - as was chocolate cake

Doodle was attached at our hip all the time, laundry soothes her though

Empty house

More kisses for the monkey

Random moving information

Yummy takeout food discovered: Harveys veggie burger with whole wheat bread

Number of times no one remembered to feed Donna resulting in this face: 5 consecutive days, will no one ever learn to carry some peanut butter with them for this exact reason???

Items broke: None that we know of, i'll let you know when we move again in a month

Items i wanted to break: a lot, Dave wasn't down with the opa party i wanted to throw that would have consisted of me and him throwing plates we no longer wanted onto the deck - spoilsport!

Tears shed: I don't remember any but thats probably mental blockage, i'm sure BF will tell you i whimpered and sobbed on more then one occasion

Rooms filled at my parents house with our crap stuff: Too many

Temper Tantrums: One, but sitting on an air mattress at the time took a lot of the effectiveness away

So before the move was finished a business client dropped off some straight off the truck mangos for the branch to enjoy AND i visited my friend Christinas gorgeous old (in a good way) home to see all the renovations they have going and she totally let me raid their herb garden and i got some glorious mint - these two fresh items inspired my perfect summer dinner

Mango Mint Salsa

Chopped fresh mango
Torn mint
Juice of 1 lime
Chopped red onion
Dash of sea salt

Chop everything up and stir in bowl, best if you leave it for a while but since i have the patience of a goat (i assume goats have no patience they are always ramming things, oh crud, maybe its a ram i'm thinking of? isn't that a sheep - oh gosh i said i would never mention sheep on the blog again!!!) i ate mine straight away

So paired with chicken breast, topped with goat cheese, a hunk of fresh multigrain bread and a glass of wine - this dinner was HEAVEN!

So i missed you all BUNCHES
Can't wait to catch up on all your blogs and start commenting again!
Thanks for sticking with me while i make this huge transition
28 more days and we are in our new home
Want some pictures of it? Sorry you will have to wait till Wednesday - i'm still a tease :o)

Stay tuned for tomorrow - i'm hoping to give you a tour of our temporary casa aka: my parents house!