Friday, January 28, 2011

Bikini Countdown: Goals met and Goals planned

I missed you yesterday blog!

Work is incredibly stressful right now, i've mentioned that several times now and i'll probably mention it a whole lot more unless D lets me quit and become a yoga instructor, its not like i ask every day, just every other day and while he says that would definitely be "hot", we like to travel too much and buy too many shiny new things to live off of only one income, sigh!

This week my goal was to get more cardio in, it was achieved!

Monday: Zumba
Tuesday: Long walk with the doodle and kettlebell work out (some wii zumba but not sure if it counts as burning calories when you just laugh at the guy on the screen wiggling his bum in a way i can never achieve!)
Wednesday: Physique 57 and 20 minutes running on the treadmill (my head felt WAY better after working out, yay!)
Thursday: Spin class + Zumba (don't think i've ever sweated that much before!)
Friday: Day off

210 minutes of cardio in 5 days!
& 90 minutes of stregnth training

Confession:  I'm having a hard time right now with maintaining my cool with bikini time arriving in T- 8 days as I don't look like i usually do before vacations..

Let me explain, usually before a beach holiday I would maintain a diet of ridiculously small amounts, i would do one of those herbal cleanses that had me refering to toilet paper as sandpaper (ie: you forgot to change the roll of sandpaper again honey!)

Now, i focus on filling my body with whole natural foods that make me feel strong and while yes my waist isn't as tiny as it was in say Costa Rica, i glow in a way that i didn't back then, I feel strong, i have muscles in my calves and biceps (when i flex really hard, if you concentrate you will see them) and i enjoy food again, you can't keep me out of the kitchen!  I have to remember i'm happier one size up, 4/6 is the new 2/4 right? :o) 

So back to the goals...

My goal for next week is to not eat after 7, lets see how i do with that, D was on 8-8 the past few weeks so we have been eating dinner around 9 which i know it not very good for you

This post has been all over the place but i think i got across everything i wanted to, i will put my Mexico photo post up soon, promise!

I'm excited for date night tonight, off to see "Friends with Benefits" at the movies (we lluuurrrvvveee the movies), then its Vaughn Mills for some outlet shopping tomorrow and Sunday is family dinner and i hope to get some cooking  in!  But until the weekend starts the tea below should help keep me going..

Hope everyone has a fab weekend xox