Friday, April 8, 2011

Typical Day, Not so Typical girl

Now we all know i like to call myself Quirky (sounds fancier then Weird) and i'm definitely not typical but my days kind of are...

Todays Fashion Friday! consists of a day in the life of me... how excited are you? 

This is me, i like to collect sea shells
Quirky: Absolutely
Weird: Definitely not!

I'm using yesterday as my base to lead you through the day of what i consume, and just how lame fantastic my days are!

5:00am - growl when BF gets out of bed for work, i'm incapable of words before 6

5:30am - hop out of bed with leg cramp and see BF eating breakfast while reading fantasy baseball stats and start to walk towards him for a cuddle then realize its only 5:30 and say out loud "grrrrr screw that, grrrr i'm going back to bed, grrrr seeya tonight"

6:30am - alarm goes off, notice fur baby is laying horizontally across me, leg cramp has turned into a numb leg

7:00am - realize i went back to sleep after alarm went off, nooooooooo!

7:05am - eat last nights dessert for breakfast with a healthy dollop of greek yogurt on top, you know to healthify it a bit more!

7:05-7:35am - drink tea and catch up on blogs and realize don't have time to take smoothie pics before work for todays post, will come home at lunch (i think to myself)

7:35-8:10am - shower, beautify myself (aka: blow dry hair, slap on some makeup, throw dry hair in ponytail) mutter to myself i REALLY need a haircut, Fur baby agrees!

8:10-8:20am - throw uggs on under dress slacks, (very attractive look) and run around block with fur baby yelling "gooooo peepee hunny" and "good poopoooo baby", neighbours really must not like me

8:20-8:35am - speed to work, 5 minutes late, this is typical, now being 5 minutes late at work should often be referred to as being "Donna late"!  No matter what time i leave the house something inevitably happens to cause me to be 5 minutes late, today i just left late!

8:35-11:00am - see clients and gossip with coworkers about what our 11am meeting is about

11am-11:15 - gossip about the fact our manager is leaving

11:30am - take lunch break and decide getting Tim Hortons soup and playing Plants vs Zombies sounds like more fun then rushing home to make a smoothie then rushing back

12:15pm - have to be dragged kicking and screaming from lunch room in attempt to separate me and my potty mouth from P vs Z, that game is SO addictive, coworkers encourage my behaviour though, they enjoy watching me (who is normally very sweet mannered) swear like a sailor

12:15-4:30pm - work and stuff, you know, the things i get paid for

4:30pm - rush home to take those darn smoothie photos, run fur baby around the blog again and change lightening fast into Zumba clothes aka:Lulu!!!!!!!!!!


6:30pm - head my sweaty assed self to Zehrs to buy Boulder Salt and Malt Vinegar chips to accompany our Paninis for dinner, wander around Organic section for undetermined amount of time, i love grocery stores!

7:00pm - Throw paninis together and run around kitchen trying to cover up the whole "a smoothie bomb went off in here" look that i have going on
I'm hungry mum

7:30pm - eat FANTASTIC paninis in front of tv with BF while Furbaby stares us down trying to communicate with her big puppy eyes "drop the panini, dooooo it"

8:00pm - go for a walk to our new dirt pile, yay for owning dirt!!!!

9:00pm - watch repeat Modern Family, best show EVER

9:00pm-10:00pm - read blogs and edit mine

10-11:00pm - watch Sons of Anarchy with BF while we rub each others feet, (this truly shows the extent of my feelings for BF because i hate feet and yet i will rub his and let him rub mine, ewwwww just typing about feet gives me the eeby jeebies)

11:00pm - head to bed, this is a late night for me, i can usually fall asleep by 9:30, if i don't get close to 8 hours of sleep, that 5am growl i had going on this morning will last till 9am and the clients i have at 8:30am don't really appreciate a non communicative Financial Advisor :o)

Thats it friends and since i got your tastebuds rolling with all that panini talk, here is my tried and true panini recipe, yummmmmmmm

Donnas Turkey & Havarti Panini


Fresh Bread
Earth Balance Margarine
Jalapeno Havarti Cheese
Apricot Jam
Chipolte Sauce


1. Spread margarine on outside of bread
2. Inside spread your sauces and add the fillings
3. Put on panini maker or grill in frying pan on stove till you have reached maximum grillness (news flash: donna made up another word)
4. Taste test the chips
5. Enjoy with your favourite sides

And since a Fashion Friday isn't complete without a totally awkward photo of me in work and workout clothes here we are.....

Obviously i wasn't having a closeup kind of day!

Top: Vera Moda from the Bay
Necklace: Forever 21

Hoodie: Alpine Pullover in Permisson from LuLuLemon

Tank: Special Edition Cool Racerback with Permisson ruffles from LuLuLemon
HairBand: Satin Dance in Permisson from LuLuLemon

Well thats it for Fashion Friday Friends!

My weekend plans are
Friday: Takeout and house sit for the night
Saturday: Meet with our builder, exciting :) Funeral for a good friends Mum, sad :(
Sunday: Cook and do nothing day, i'm super duper looking forward to this day!

What are your weekend plans? xox


Sarah @ The Smart Kitchen said...

I am also ALWAYS 5 minutes late...and the line about wandering in the grocery store for an "indeterminate amount of time"--->welcome to my life. :)

[PS. 'Ham and Jam' are a match made in both taste (and rhyming) heaven!]

Piril Maria said...

Great photos.

♥ Love,

brandi said...

that panini sounds great!

helen said...

Gotta love crazy busy days!

That panini looks really good. I love a good sandwich and salad combo :)

Samantha Angela said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! What part of SWO are you from?

My weekend plans are
Tonight: Run/Weightlift/Attempt Cinnamon Buns Again
Tomorrow: Yoga/Celebrate my sister's birthday/Bar hop
Sunday: Loooooong run

Cathy said...

that was a fun tour thru your day, donna!
and i call myself quirky, too! :) MUCH better than weird! otherwise known as "unique."
wish i had all your lululemons!! luuuuuv their stuff so much.
weekend: working (that's retail for you) and outing with my BFF tomorrow - yea!
have a great weekend!
totally fun to read a blog that mentions tim hortons and zehrs...that's my kinda language! :)

Travelbug said...

Thanks so much for your comment Cathy
I love reading other canadian bloggers as well, its nice to be able to relate
Have a great weekend at work and fun with your BFF :o)

Travelbug said...

@Samantha Angela
Can't wait to see the Cinnamon Bun recipe Samantha, what a fun project and the rest of your weekend sounds like SO much fun :o)

Katie@Real Food Katie's Way said...

Loving the play by play!!

Your panini looks fantastic...This weekend I am studying, making ham soup, lasagna, muffins, cleaning house and potentially going for my first run of the season!

Oh and sleeping in....god I love the weekends!

Katie@Real Food Katie's Way said...

Oh and another addition of the crockpot chronicles! how could I forget that??

Stephanie said...

And after all of didn't even post a picture of the smoothie! Haha! I'm like you...I hate waking up at dark o'clock. But once my husband wakes up, I'm awake too, for better or for worse. I'm not the world's best sleeper.

Fisherman's Wife said...

Yum, I want that panini RIGHT NOW! And I love your white plates; don't you find presentation makes a huge difference in how you view the foods you eat?

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