Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My personal trainer pats my bum

Lol, i know crazy title!

Yesterday i usually hit Physique 57 in the am before starting work at 12pm, hubby was off for the day so i decided he would be my personal trainer instead of going to class - He pats my bum when i do well on one of his boy exercises, i flash him a little cleavage while he lifts weights - its a give and take relationship baby :o)

Yesterday am was half a grapefruit for breakfast, have never had that before, kinda tasty and i made banana protein pancakes from the tone it up girls, promise to list the recipe i made soon with some decent pics!  Lunch was a hodge podge of boring stuff and dinner was paninis on multigrain flatbread with turkey, light havarti, chipolte sauce and apricot jam and spinach stuffed in there, i'm OBSESSED with this combination, SO good!

We have had  a huge dumping of snow overnight but i'm still planning on hitting the gym after work even though i spent half an hour shoveling snow this morning after hubby left for work, figured furry baby would frolic while i shoveled, turns out she is too scared of snow shovel to risk playing withing a 1km radius

So according to this chart i found on daily plate i'm not overdoing my sodium by their recomendations but with this introduction of the food in the next photo i might!


Have a great day everyone!