Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Over 7.69 bakers dozens

Yesterday was kind of a write off, i made sweet potato whole wheat gnocchi from scratch yummmm, blew of zumba due to massive headache and just vedged out with hubby and furbaby, it was much needed!

This morning i made super yummy banana protein pancakes and told hubby he was my personal trainer and had to work me hard at the gym, ummm i don't think hubby realizes i'm a girl and carrying 50 pounds up and down stairs is not something they teach in zumba!  It was so much fun working out together, we really need to do it more often and i got a great work out :o)

So the big news!!!!!!  Last night my blog reached 100 views, really? seriously? thats flipping fantastic!  I know there are bloggers out there that reach this # every half hour but this makes me proud!  (i also won't pretend i was stalking the stats tab in preparation of reaching this # and hip hip horayed out sitting on the couch distracting hubby from important iPad app hunt), so i decided i would use this celebration as a reason to talk about what blogging means to me, cue the violins here please...

What i planned this blog to be: An experiment to help with boredom mostly, but there was going to be healthy eating with a little lululemon thrown in

What this blog actually is: Healthy eating, working out, rants, lululemon, silly storys, travel blogs (they are coming promise), lululemon, recipes, rants, just a whole lot about spazzy, (yet i prefer quirky) me!

First blogs i read:  these made me want to be a B-L-O-G-G-E-R - lulumum, running with coffee, a foodie stays fit

Who knows about my blog: not too many people!  Family and hubby know about it (but he has no interest reading about Spaghetti squash after being forced to eat it), and i haven't really let anyone else in on the secret!

What I love about this blog:  it holds me accountable to how i eat and what i eat and how i exercise, plus it gives me the opportunity to share with the world how much i heart lululemon and how EVERYONE should own a pair of reverse groove pants, and just impart everyone with my special brand of sarcasm

So thanks for checking in, the whole blogging world has opened my eyes to so much from healthy whole food eating to what isn't out yet but that i'm going to HAVE to own from lulu!  I appreciate all of the blogs i read and all of you that have checked in to read my spazzy (yet quirky) posts

Donna xox

Ps: found out my work is implementing a wellness account for left over benefit credits that will pay for things like fitness magazine subscriptions, gym memberships, vitamins, yoga wear, yup you heard right, lululemon for free YAY :o)  Luckily hubbys work covers our benefits so i see a lot of Lulu in our future!