Friday, May 6, 2011

Twitter Trauma

So its Fashion Friday here at LRT and i'm talking about something that is VERY fashionable, something called social media

I'll own up to LOVING Facebook, i was a late joiner, my best friend encouraged me to sign up after i became single again back in 2009 to catch up with old friends, i didn't look back and have wasted many hours getting sucked into the vortex that is status updates and album pictures

I am a big fan of the BLOGGING world, i've "met" so many amazing people who inspire me every day, i see no disadvantage to blogging other then my constant drafting of blogs in my head and the early wake up hours to take photos of food in the "good light"

Now lets talk about Twitter, i am flumoxed, stumped and totally out of my element

About a month ago i set up a LoveRunTravel twitter account and i seriously feel like a little kid in a room full of ivy league university grads -  i mean hashtags? No offense but that sounds like a drug you smoke!  There is something called #fitblog that always seems to happen when i get home from work Tuesdays that i feel like happens really fast and i'm unfit for not being able to follow along

So i've decided to do some research and i'm sharing what i learn here with you? Ready? I'm about to google things like "twitter for idiots, twitter for the twitterly challenged", "how not to be twit when it comes to twitter"

Okay i'm back that SO didn't work out, i'm even more confused and there is A LOT to read and no short version i could share here - so lets have fun and look at comics instead

Sorry friends, i'll do more research and get back to you with more info, hopefully they gave you a giggle at least!

Now I haven't included a work outfit and workout outfit for a while so here is the quickie version
Tank:  My new Cool Racerback in black citron tinted canvas super from LuLuLemon
Please note this is post Zumba and i'm a disaster, i couldn't even manage to fully take my jacket off :oÞ Do you like my hair swoop? I have been doing that for class lately since i sweat my tushie off in Zumba and i hate having wet stringy bangs, this is the perfect solution even if it does emphasize my massive forhead that totally conflicts with my teeny tiny head
Socks - these are also new from LuluLemon, they are called the No Show Sock!
LOVE these, they really don't show under my asics and they have extra padded support at pressure areas! I mostly use them for running but i'll occasionally use them for Zumba since we bounce and jump around a lot in that class*

* there have been a lot of guys going lately to zumba, first off i think they are UBER brave and secondly think about it, we wiggle and gyrate and shake our boobies non stop in that class, those guys are lovin every second and are smarter then we give them credit for!

Funky work outfit shot
Blouse: H & M
Cardigan: J Crew
Necklace: Forever 21
Skirt: H&M
Shoes: Nine West


Recipe time!!! I was talking about breakfast cookies with work friend Sara the other day and since then i've been coming up with new versions to share since i do heart my breakfast cookies so, this is what i came up with at 6am this morning!

Chocolate Blueberry Breakfast Cookie

Pre microwave!
IngredientsHalf a mashed banana
1/8 cup of egg whites
1 splenda (or tsp of vanilla)
1 Tbsp of blueberries
1 Tbsp of dark chocolate chips
1/4 cup heaped of Oatmeal
1/4 tsp of baking powder

1. Mix wet ingredients
2. Add dry ingredients
3. Stir it all up, drool in anticipation
4. Pop in microwave for 1 minute 45 seconds
5. Turn upside down and let cookie "plop" onto plate
6. I topped with blueberries, drizzle of chocolate sauce and agave nectar
7. Bow before me and my breakfast cookies, its THAT good!


So weekend plans so far...

Friday i'm spending time with some of my favourite girls
Saturday BF and i are having an US day where we only do what we want with only each other
Sunday is mothers day so we have special plans for our mums

What are you up to?
Whatever it might be I hope you have a lovely weekend xox