Friday, March 4, 2011

Effing Fantastic

Its Fashion Friday and I remembered so LAADEEDA aren't i awesome today? You don't have to answer that, i'm obviously feeling better and a wee bit feisty today!

First off this is what i bought at lululemon yesterday, cute yet boring huh?  Well the socks are for Physique 57 where you don't want shoes on but the floor is kinda ick and this way you don't slip and slide into your workout friends personal bubble, i got black so it will match all my other lulu colours *** yay glad i got them when i did, they sold out a few hours later!
This tank i love because it matches the super soft comfy scarf i have from lulu, its a modern racerback tank so the material isn't sweat wicking but its super cute to wear under hoodies etc... in my every day life, you know as opposed to my super hero life

So today i have my fav work outfit of the week (well the only one i remembered to photograph LOL), and my fav workout outfit umm yeah ditto!

My work outfit is
Shoes: Nine West
Tights: Winners
Skirt: Forever 21
T-shirt: Lululemon
Blazer: H&M
Necklace: Forever 21, i'm OBSESSED with this necklace, it is the epitomy of summer, pretty colour, clear glass (well plastic probably), a beachy colour, LOVE! 

Know what i don't love?  leaning over a co-workers desk to fix her email and another staff member having to pull my skirt back down for me, gosh darn you static cling!!!
I have to say i need to put some work into my poses, yelling at BF at 8:15 in the morning he must photograph me stat as i'm late for work (as usual) doesn't really bring out the best in the outfit, but then again neither does the paint can i'm 30 seconds away from tripping over  (I tried googling awkward model clipart in google images, please don't try that at home) :oS

My gym outfit is from UnderArmour, hahaa yeah right, its Lululemon, all i ever wear to the gym is Lulu but before you start hating on me and my ability to wear all Lulu you need to remember i have been buying lululemon slowly for 6 years now and yes my addiction is bordering on 12 step program intervention level now but i still wear the things i bought 6 years ago, I mean it totally pays for itself ;o)

Shoes: Asics (well that was the plan)
Crops: Lululemon wunderunders
Tank: Lululemon cool racerback (these are only $39!!!)
Hoodie: Lululemon scuba hoodie

Yeah i forgot my asics and had to walk around the branch like THIS, the pic is a little blurry, i think its because my friend amber is laughing at me... a lot! 

Now what you ask is my shopping hint for the day?

I'm glad you asked readers, its that EVERYONE should google coupon codes before buying things online!

I regularly buy online from lululemon, gap, victorias secret, viator, chapters, big fish games, with the exception of Lulu you can get coupon codes for a lot of sites!  Viator is a travel company and with a coupon code search ex: "coupon codes viator", i saved $70 on my trips in Italy, thats a lot of gelato!  Also victorias secret, i scored a free scarf with a t-shirt purchase the other day, it doesn't hurt to look and it takes 5 seconds to google, google is our friend!  

Some sites i like to find coupon codes on are


So start shopping online and saving mula!  imagine what cute things you could buy* with all your savings at lululemon :o) 

*Yes i'm aware i am a financial advisor and i should be encouraging saving not spending, maybe one day i will post how i budget but a quick summary is I save a lot and it comes out automatically the day i get paid and any $ left over is mine to spend!  I'll post more details about this one day but till then i'll leave you with the image of me sitting like Gollum from the Lord of the Rings in workout wear and high heels hoarding all my Lulu yelling things like MINE, PRECIOUS and LUON :oD

So my weekend looks like this...

Friday - movie date with my friend Monica and her daughter to see Beastly
Saturday - work then p-a-r-t-y with the work girls at a buck and doe
Sunday - recover from Saturday, work 12-4, get groceries and relax

Next week i need to have a plan for eating well and working out again, being sick totally wiped me out and i'm looking forward to being back at it

Oh and i haven't forgot the recipe from yesterdays secret picture, its coming up soon - as is A LOT of strawberry recipes, 3 for $5 at Zehrs, mmmm just throw an apron on me, die my hair and call me Strawberry Shortcake but don't forget my basket, the outfit wouldn't be complete without it and then i would just have to go shopping but i will definitely use a coupon code when i do it!