Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blizzards & Bikinis

Well the snow finally arrived... I love how its been called everything from SNOWpocolypse, SNOWmageddon, and SNOWtastrophe, canadian news it pretty inventive huh?

Heading to bed last night, it just looked chilly like usual but upon opening the front door this morning, i found this..

But the fur baby loves her snow which resulted in a lot of this...

As for the bikinis part of my title, i tried one on the other day, it fits, hurrah! - but i've added one more challenge to my prevacation week, no dairy!  We will see if thats what it causing the bloating i've had the last little while

I have kept up my other mini challenge of not eating after 6:30pm and let me tell you it is NOT fun, i'm a total bear by bed time and am often caught in a daydream about breakfast, mmmm peanut butter!

Fingers crossed the snow is over but i heard we have another 30 more centimetres heading our way, guess i can't hibernate so i'll just have to bear with it till Sunday (get it? bear, hahahaha, i'm lame) and until then i get to play in the snow with this bear :o)