Friday, January 14, 2011

Watergirl (i am not)

I have a secret.... I don't drink enough water (gasp!)

In fact, until this week the only time i drink plain water is at the gym and then, only if its luke warm (i will stand in the bathroom with the hot tap running on a bottle of water if i deem it too cold)

This makes me weird right? Well this and a whole bunch of other things - i like to call them quirks, remember? ;o) 

To change this lack of plain H2O consumption i've introduced a straw to my plain water cup at work, its kind of working, i'm getting through one in the morning and one in the afternoon!

Yay for water usage
on the flip side...
Boo to the fact my bladder is the size of a pee :oÞ

Yesterday i hit up zumba, had a great cardio workout and learned a whole bunch of new dances that resulted in a lot of flailing but also a lot of fun!

I was going to attempt tofu for the first time but i was so drained by the time i got home (work is still utter crap), i made an Amys organic margherita pizza and side salad, first time trying this yummmmmmmmmmmmm, dessert was warm coconut milk - delish!

This weekend i'm going to try to utilize the DLSR and take some pics, wish me luck, i really want to improve this blog and my silly iphone pics!

Tonight is date night - i'm thinking thai and a movie (perfection)! Then tomorrow we are off to Toronto (bout an hour away) for the Leafs game, i politely declined the offer to see the game and let hubby take his best friend while i opted for shopping and dinner with best friends girlfriend, sounds like a way better deal to me

Happy weekend!