Monday, April 11, 2011


This big fat kiss goes out to my Blog!

Donna: Blog did you know we reached over 100 posts published last week?
Mr. Blog*: Really? Super cool, high five to us!  No wait, lets be cooler.... Fist Bump!

Donna: I'm really glad we found each other, too bad since i found you i have lost some of Mr. Sleep
Mr. Blog: Yeah, Sleep and Blogs don't mesh, unless you dream about blog posts, then thats cool
Donna: Maybe i can convince BF to take a picture of me dreaming about blogs then i can blog about it? Hmmmm, Do you think thats going to far?
Mr. Blog: Maybe but think of how many hits we would get for that?
Donna: *Squealing and clapping hands*

* No idea why the blog is a he, it just feels right, you know?

Okay so its Weekend RECAP but also its a revisit to why i started this blog and thoughts on how it is going....

Original Purpose: i blogged in secret to share my quirkiness and love for all healthy with those in the blog-osphere whose blogs i read and admired

Purpose now: Make people laugh while at the same time sharing healthy tips and tactics, my family and friends all know that i blog now and its led to many a "want to take a photo of my (insert random food item here) Donna?" Hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, we are all comedians :o)

ASK: I know a lot of you read the blog - there is a stats page and i occasionally look at it (read:obsessively check how often my page is visited) - and i just want to say how much i APPRECIATE those of you who visit and especially those of you who comment, it means SO much to me!  And if you enjoy the blog pretty PLEASE follow, For those of you who "lurk", please leave me a comment, let me know what you like/love about the blog, what you want to see more of or even correct my spelling, sometimes i'm just to eager to hit publish and i swear i blush every time i go back and read a post and find a spelling error, sorry!  As for my grammar i'm atrocious but i've accepted that, i love brackets wwaaaayyyyy too much to ever correct it, so sorry that is a lost cause!
New to the blog

1. I will be featuring a Print Recipe here button, it takes you to a google page where you can then print the recipe without my silly comments or pictures
2. I am trying desperately to find a way to reply directly to your comments, blogger does not have that feature so i'm trying to edit the HTML code to put it in but it's a work in progress so please be patient, but know that if you write a comment and are a blogger yourself i will comment on your blog! *** UPDATE: Installed Intense Debate, comments are SO much easier now, yay!
3. Different projects and plans, this week is PROJECT: Eat Vegan, i'm going to try to stick to my blogging schedule (recap monday, travel tuesday etc...) but I think having weekly goals and plans are fun too so they might interrupt the normal flow a little

What i will continue

1. Loving when people comment, have i mentioned that already?
Getting a bit better with my photo skills
2. My silly silly sense of humour, its going nowhere friends!
3. My photography skills will continue to improve as i learn the art of food photography, its a lot more complex then the travel photography i'm used to but its come a long way from those iPhone pictures i was using at the start!
4. Taking weekends off, there might be special short posts here and there but I use the weekend to come up with ideas for the next week and material for Recap Monday (still my favourite post of the week)

Okay so lets have a behind the scenes look at the weekend and then i will fill you in on the project for the week...

We met with our builder, went over a few questions we had (there might have been a 2 page list in our iPhones), they are super helpful though which is a relief, we are not going to be the easist of couples to deal wth, i'm a control freak and BF is a perfectionist (muahahahahahahhhaaaaa they have no idea what they are in for!) 

Got to see some of my bestest friends, unfortunately it was a funeral for a good friends mum, so hard to see people hurting, my thoughts are with the family

Spring is finally here!
Walked around the downtown area of the town I grew up in
Walked to Starbucks (people made catcalls while we walked past, unfortunately it was for the fur baby, she attracts a lot of attention due to her giant fluffy cuteness factor

Walked by our dirt pile
Walked to the video store
Walked around 2 grocery stores

- Yeah, so we walked a lot the weather in Ontario was gorgeous!

Figuring out the new Dehydrator

Made Kale chips
Fell in love with Kale chips
Ate WAY too many Kale chips

Cooked a weeks worth of meals in one day and  listened to Thunder (actual thunder i'm not referring to some obscure band you have never heard of) 

Started watching the new series "The Killing", anyone else watching it?

And off course no weekend is complete without a LRT Movie Review...
Little Fockers: Dduuuummmmmbbbbb, don't do it, not funny, stupider (yup its a word) then the first 2 and totally ridiculous, save your $, but thats just my and BF's opinion, we are however the couple that could watch Easy A every night for a month :o)
Oh yes, its baseball season again, i'm officially a baseball widow :o)

Okay, so this week we are going Vegan!  We all know my previous attempts at vegan-ism resulted in Blogger:FAIL!  

BF actually requested this week via a text when he was filling his tummy with crap in SF, so of course i jumped all over it and won't let him forget whose idea it was no matter how many times he will beg me this week for the Mint Chocolate Frozen Yogurt in the freezer, i will remain strong and remember the failure i felt as i shoved those organic animal crackers in my mouth last attempt, seriously though, its pretty funny that an animal shaped food brought down my attempt (it contained egg) to eat an animal free diet, i should have known better :o) 

I have planned and cooked most of our food for the week already so stay tuned for some great vegan recipes! 

Today our meals will go like this...

Breakfast: Pumpkin  Pie Oatmeal
Snack: BBQ flavoured brown rice chips & Raw veggies
Lunch: Thai Noodle Wraps
Snack: Kale chips + Apple
Dinner: BBQ Tofu Salad

Todays recipe is one i tried out a few weeks ago and LOVED, it tastes even better when you have it a few days later... yeah so i might have made way too much and we were eating it for a week, but obviously we didn't get sick of it because i'm making it again and sharing the recipe with you!

Healthy Chinese Fried Rice
Original recipe calls for egg to be cooked in the rice however i've left it out today to make the recipe vegan

2 cups of cooked rice (i used brown)
1 sweet onion
Veggies of your choice (i used peppers, green onions and broccoli slaw)
1 clove of garlic
1/4 tsp of ginger (i used fresh)
1 Tbsp of sesame oil
1 tbsp of tamari (or soya sauce)
1/2 Tbsp of Rice Vinegar
Dash of sea salt
Roasted sesame seeds to sprinkle on top

1. Heat oil in large pan over medium heat and then add onion and cook till it has softened
2. Add in all vegetables and also cook till softened
3. Add in garlic and Tofu and cook for a few more minutes
4. Add rice, tamari, ginger, rice vinegar and sea salt and stir
5. Once combined and sizzling remove from heat and top with sesame seeds
6. ENJOY while pretending you are at a Chinese Food Restaurant and look surprised when no one brings your bill 
Don't forget the sesame seeds
I like to toast mine in a frying pan till they turn nice and golden!


So why Vegan you ask? The reason is to see how we feel on a plant based diet and jump start our bodies back to really pure whole foods, i have been eating really well since i started this blog but i've been eating too many "goodies" throughout the week that used to be my no cheat time so i'm on a mission to tone up before my birthday when hopefully i will be whisked off to some far away destination and have a chance to show off bikini body (BF, are you laughing at this statement? oh wait, never mind, you always stop reading my blog once you get to the recipes! lol)

So... Question of the day if have you ever tried to be Vegan, and if so, how did it go?  What are everyones favourite Vegan recipes?