Thursday, January 6, 2011

Its modern to heart lululemon

Title totally doesn't make sense but then half the time i don't either so we are totally buds, me and the title! 

Lululemon showed up on hubby and i's fav tv show Modern Family last night, i love how i'm examining the pockets, searching for thumbholes, examining the seams but declaring (well actually whooping in delight) that yes, it is in fact Lululemon!

Seriously - how funny is that show?  While i didn't feel last nights was the best show ever, i can't help but totally love the 3 familys that make me laugh my wednesday butt off!

I got my second (of four) luluelmon deliverys yesterday, i made hubby answer door as i was a wee bit embarassed as to how often fedex guy will be visiting us this week

My new purchase was the snorkel blue swiftly tech short sleeve t-shirt

Why do i love this tee? Let me count the ways...

Its a purty colour
It wicks sweat away like no other fabric i've ever tried
It is long enough to cover my ample bottom
The shade of blue matches my new asics!

These are the reasons lululemon say they made it...

  • Lightweight seamless performance top with mesh venting in high sweat areas
  • Fits like your favourite T-shirt
  • Knitted with Silveresent™ for anti-stink & anti-static properties
  • Wicking to keep you dry
  • Chafe-resistant - flat seams
Here are some close up pics of the tshirt, not sure how the colour changes so drastically in the shots, must be the flash on the iphone
So much detail in the material

Purty right?
Love the writing on the inside of the bottom of the tshirt, so inspirational
So last night i did not get to the gym, we got in the car but hubby got text no courts were available and its insane trying to workout around 5:30 as everyone and their brother is there after work

BUT i did go for a run, hubby watched the Canada vs. Russia game with a buddy and i took the doodle for a run, not the best run (spent the first ten minutes hating on running SO bad) but then my toes thawed out and it was quite enjoyable for the next 20 minutes then my mum called and it was totally more enjoyable (cause i kind of went into a slow stroll at that point!)  I really want to keep up the running but other then the occasional run i'm probably going to just have to start over again in the Spring, but i think i'm okay with that as it was something like -11 celcius yesterday!

Food last night was good, hubby got in trouble for digging into the TUB of SHAME, more on that later!

Hope everyone is having a great day, i'll be back tomorrow with a pic of me actually wearing the above t-shirt (forgot last night) before hitting Zumba and possibly Body Art again

Have a great day!!!