Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Christmas!

Almost Christmas vacation!!!

For the first time in my life i've maintained a healthy lifestyle leading up to the holidays, i've been going to the gym and eating well, usually i take the whole month of december off and gain about 10 pounds :oS

My to do list is half crossed off and the chest pains that i had yesterday have subsided, i can be such a stress ball around making the holidays perfect

Last night m.d. wrapped while i made 4 batches of cracker toffee - 1 with crushed candy canes, one with crushed cashews, one with coconut and the last just plain cracker toffee, mmmm - i use dairy milk chocolate on top, that is the secret!  I'll post the recipe soon

I thought my honda was posessed ala christine last night, every time i threw a purchase in the back of the suv christmas music started playing, upon emptying the back seat i realized a gift bag full of chocolates one of my clients had given me had a button that plays holidays tunes, i think a christmas version of christine would have been more fun! (i really hope people know the movie about a posessed car called "christine" otherwise this entire paragraph might seem a little weird :o)

I got up at 5am this morning with m.d. when he woke up for work and i got to the task of giving the fur baby a bath, she loves the water and especially loves the blow dry afterwards, you would think she was a 7 pound lap dog, not a 70 pound golden doodle, her favourite part is when i chase her around the bathroom and trip over the hair dryer cord!

So tomorrow consists of 4 christmas visits - my family, my cousins family, m.d.'s family and finally m.d. and i's christmas - i can't wait!!!

I'll leave you with a pic of the doodle asking me (well in my head she is asking me) why i'm leaving her without finishing off her hair!

Happy Christmas :o)