Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Roses and Peanut Butter

Last night I was excited to get home as it was lululemon delivery day!  I had bought a couple of water bottles that were priced wrong for a little while on the lululemon.com website $10 off each, a present for m.d. and the new black roses cool racer back tank - the tank has been a little hit and miss, each one looks totally different due to the placing of the pattern i've seen pictures on the lululemon blogs showing bad placement of logos, and as much as i love lulu and their symbol i don't want it highlighting my booby region :o)  So my tank arrived with no headlight highlights, it was a little off centre which the OCD part of me didn't like but after texting a pic to m.d. he said he liked it as its a bit more edgier then the candyland colours i usually buy

I then wore the tank to Physique where i decided i loved it and then to Zumba (2 classes in a row, i was dead by the time i got home at 8:30!), it really held up well during Zumba were i get ridiculously sweaty - very happy I have decided to keep it, here is the pic...

This morning I woke up and ran a couple of kms before walking the rest of my route, my body said enough so i listened, i then came home and made 2 kinds of peanut butter cookies, i'm obsessed with peanut butter lately!

I'll take some pics and post the recipes once i've actually tried them both tonight and to end the blog today, here is a pic of one of my fav mugs that my sister gave me, i don't ACTUALLY need people to speak slowly but as a natural blonde i do lots of stereotypical blonde things, the other day i was talking to my bff on my cell and freaked out because i couldn't find my cell, yup, thats me :o)