Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My lululemon obsession

So i'm a wee bit obsessed with lululemon, its at the point now that m.d. has cut me off until after christmas, i'm severely pouting about this, its just unreasonable I tell you!

My current fav fav fav purchase is the Alpine Pullover, its soft and comfy and oh so pretty

I have the permisson colour, its gorgeous!

2 websites that feed my addiction are


My friends all ask me why i'm willing to spend so much $ on there clothes and I always say its the quality, i've been buying their stuff for 5 years now and I still wear every piece!  That and the reverse groove pants can actually change your life, lol!  Its true, the things they do to your bum are amazing, m.d. loves when I wear their pants and it even makes him forget a little just how much $ I spend there every month

Lululemon also creates friendship, m.d. and the fedex guy are on a first name basis (you can order from their website and get free shipping!!!!), I however am not a fan of the fedex guy as he regularly tell m.d. i order too much, ummmm keep your opinions to yourself please!

So visit your closest store, troll the blogs or shop online, your bum will be happy (your wallet not as much!)

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RunningOnCoffee said...

I'm glad my hubby doesn't know exactly how much things cost at lulu. He knows I spend $x on clothes, whatever a month, but when he scoffed at the sale price of some of my lulu running shorts, I was glad he didn't know what full price was :)

I think our mail person probably thinks the same thing about this household ("wow they get a lot of packages!") luckily we are not home usually when we see the mailman/fed ex guy.

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