Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Eating challenge

Yesterday was a draining day, my body has decided it hates beans and i spent the majority of the day doubled over with tummy pains, not sure what to take to offset this or i might have to avoid them all together!  I went to physique 57 in the morning so I just got to relax when I got home after work, by relax i mean completely sprawl out on the couch with the furry baby and mindlessly surf and watch gossip girl saved on the PVR, good times :o)

Sideway view of my laptop wallpaper, a lululemon symbol yelling in caps to MOVE!

So my title sounds like part of an episode of the biggest loser right?  Its all about my challenge for the day!  Today is m.d.'s work party and its being held at The Keg and I just made the mistake of looking up the nutritional menu for the restaurant, booooo!  Lets see if I can get through it with just part of a 8 oz sirloin and steamed veggies, definitely a challenge when i love love love their bread and butter!  To offset the calorie massacre that might occur tonight i am dragging m.d. to UFC at the gym, we will see if it actually happens!