Wednesday, December 1, 2010

So this is blogging?

So, my very first post, right now i'm most concerned about picking the perfect font, pondering why every blog i look at seems to be a car dealer or devoted friend of god, and most importantly when and how to actually tell people i've started a blog, so for now this is our little secret!

My title should actually be Love, Run, Travel, Eat and Lululemon as those are my top loves and i'll be talking about them all here if i decide this is something I really want to continue but more about me in a bit

I started following a few blogs recently and i had a lightbulbabovethehead moment last week and decided to finally start taking care of my body in regards to food as i've pretty much abused it for the last 10 years
Confession: I haven't stepped on a scale in almost 2 years now in order to avoid the scariness that was probably an eating disorder (my goodness this blog thing has me sharing things i don't normally say out loud already!)

I have blogged before but always in the form of travelblogs on facebook for my friends and family to follow me on my crazy travel adventures so i thought maybe just maybe i'd give a few random people the chance to read my every day ramblings not just my "oh holy crap i'm stuck on an italian train without a ticket" posts

So thats my intro, i'll be back with an all about me post once I figure out some other things to actually say :o)