Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Comfort food and Christmas in a cup!

I work late every Tuesday so eating a proper dinner is a challenge and I often don't have the time to cook before I leave for work so it was a late one last night and I turned to an age old favourite, grilled cheese!  Of course to healthify (yes this is a word only i knew existed) we had asparagus soup (the healthy kind, not the kind with cream) topped with torn spinach and grilled cheese was made with Dempsters ancient grain bread and Herb Havarti cheese (the fancy kind according to m.d), yummm yummm yummm!  I took a pic but my iphone produced quite a lacklustre photo so it's not going on here - must start using the fancy DSLR camera to take my food pics!

After a yummy dinner we snuggled up to watch The Town, a great movie staring Ben Affleck (side note: he is so hot in this movie, there is a working out scene that made me squeal a little), I told m.d. i was going to make some peppermint hot chocolate and to keep an open mind - I am now obsessed with this...

I bought it at Wholefoods on the weekend and my special, wondrous purchase is apparently available everywhere and on sale at my local Zehrs, lol!
Its sooo creamy and minty and delicious, m.d. was quite impressed when he found out it was Soy (by impressed i mean he raised an eyebrow looked suspiciously at his mug again, shrugged and drank the rest with an offhand comment of "yeah its pretty good")
I'm excited about my new find and i'm thinking of stocking up for the rest of the Winter!