Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Salsa (the dance and the food)

So zumba was an absolute blast last night, they introduced a few of the new instructors to teach a couple of classes, meh.... not nearly as much intensity as the regular teacher so we were all relieved every time she stepped up to teach a song, its great when you go to a class with a bunch of people that can laugh the whole way through at you or at themselves, new instructors = a lot of flailing last night :o)

I made this for dinner last night

seriously having issues getting pictures the right way up :oÞ
An ancient grain wrap stuffed with chicken breast, spinach and peppers, topped with salsa and jalapeno havarti cheese, side salad with salsa ranch dressing, yummmm, m.d. says this is one of his new top meals, super healthy and full of flavour!

M.d. got called in for an overtime shift this morning so after a chilly walk with the furbaby, i headed to Physique 57 and pushed SO hard, i'm amazed to find everything is getting easier to do, leg lifts, squats, plank, the last 2 weeks (and many weeks of classes before) are really paying off!

I'm still being careful of my right shoulder, still a few twinges and i'm determined not to injure it more, being totally out of commission would drive me batty... well battier then normal ;o)