Saturday, December 11, 2010

Late Late Late

So my morning started off great, woke up feeling really relaxed and happy when I realized the furry baby was laying across me, let me explain what this means... she starts her ascent up the bed starting around 6:30am (an appropriate time to wake up she believes) and by 8:00am she is on the pillow with you, now it also occurs to me she is almost all the way up the bed, I can see light out the bedroom window and I can't quite recall setting the alarm to get up this morning, oh my crap!!!

When i work saturday i'm up by 6:00am so i have enough time to walk the fur baby, make breakfast and tea, put together lunch and snacks and have a shower and beautify myself - i woke up at 7:38am!!!! I normally leave for work at 7:45 at the latest :oS

I bribe the fur baby with dog treats to not go on a long walk she usually insists on in the morning, i shower in talcum powder, throw my makeup in a case, grab a pack of instant oatmeal and its go time!  I arrive at work only 2 minutes late and people already know something is up as i'm not wearing high heels!  I love my high heels but a day thats starts like that deserves flats and in order to improve a ridiculous start to the day, i wear my patent black flats, everyone should have a pair, these were purchased on sale last year at The Gap!

I'm off to Oakville after work to make a lululemon run (won't be buying anything for me though, booo!) and to check out Whole Foods, hopefully no one will judge the thrown together look i have working for me today, i texted m.d. in Montreal to get some sympathy but now he just refers to me as stinky :oÞ