Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A little about me...

My name is Donna, i feel that its marginally safe to share this little tidbit, I am 31 years old and live in Ontario, Canada

I work for a large bank as a Financial Advisor and enjoy most aspects of the job though the pressure often gets to be a bit much sometimes, it pays well and supports my shopping habits!  Lately this is mostly limited to Lululemon, i am obsessed with this store!

I live with my fur baby and a wonderful man who i shall call mr. donna, he is everything to me, i went through a divorce at the ripe age of 28.99 and spent all year 29 finding myself, traveling and dating, my sister had made me promise on a flight to vegas to take one year to myself with no serious boys and 1 year 1 day later I met m.d!

I'm currently on a new healthy kick where i eat the recommended calories for the day, its something i have never tried before!  I alluded to my eating issues in my previous post, and I promise this will not be a blog full of whinging about my weight, I'm realize i'm actually quite small at around 125lbs and 5'3, but my relationship with food and dieting sucks and i'm determined to put an end to that, i'm hoping to share with you healthy recipes, cool gym class descriptions and tips and progress as i attempt to like my body (this includes my jiggly bottom)!

My plan is to share tips, tactics etc... on
Healthy Eating (and the struggle to get m.d. to do the same!)
Working out (i belong to a local gym and love the classes)
Running (its a fight to get out there in the winter but gives me an excuse to buy more of the next item)
Lululemon (did you know thursday is the day new items are uploaded to the website? I do and it still doesn't stop me shopping at the actual store every other week or so)
Photography (mostly sharing photos as i honestly only use my camera to about 25% of its ability)
Travel (i have travelblogs from my recent trips to Greece, Jamaica and Italy that i might share or this could just be me daydreaming about where to travel next)

Well, thats the plan, lets see how it goes! :o)

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RunningOnCoffee said...

I'm around your size - one inch shorter, and around the same weight (minus a couple pounds on a good day). I LOVE food. I try to fill our apartment with healthier stuff because if I don't, I will eat all the bad things we buy (i.e. the potato chips hubby always gets). I figure if I eat mostly good at home and bring my good lunches to work, it's ok to splurge a little for the occasional dinner out or a work-lunch out.

Looking forward to reading your blog!

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