Monday, December 20, 2010

Where for art thou weekend?

Frisky monkey candy souvenier
Pretty decorations at the Hilton
How in the heck is it Monday December 30th already???

I had such a nice weekend but no idea where it went, it was so busy and rushed that I felt better rested before it happened!

Friday we went to Niagara falls, stayed at the Hilton in a 2 bedroom suite with floor to ceiling windows and a view of the american and canadian falls, had a fancy schmancy dinner where I ate an appetizer as dinner, i can't help it, the appetizers almost always look more appetizing then the meals!  (hmmm appetizing, appetizer i have never connected those words before) We had a nice walk after dinner and found several suspicious looking souveniers then retired to our suite to watch tv, both couples aren't much for going out and partying so this was a perfect night for us!

Saturday was a brunch but since we only got 2 vouchers and there were 4 of us, the men valiantily let us girls use them (ie: they were feeling too cheap to pony up $40 extra for breakfast), we made up for this by sneaking them tater tots and bananas :o)  We then headed to walden galleria and shopped a bit and ate lunch at PF Changs, I heart that restaurant, I kept it pretty healthy and didn't get the lemon chicken i prefer and instead got mandarin chicken with veggies and no rice, I did get the flourless cake for dessert, it was like fudge, sooo good but i only made it through half!

Once we got home it was time to pick up the furry baby from her nana and papas (ie: my parents), get a wholewheat pizza for dinner and maybe a Wendys frosty as a treat, i couldn't help but say (scream) YES when m.d. suggested it!  We watched Easy A, awesome movie!!! and while m.d. was showing me how to play plants vs. zombies (more on this later), his iPad totally spazzed out and broke :o( insert sad face here, i just bought it for him for his birthday a month ago!

So after the gym Sunday morning  instead of relaxing and making cookies sunday we hauled to Sherway Gardens in Toronto an hour away to our closest apple store and got it replaced *phew*, we ate lunch in the food court (ham and swiss on multigrain from druxys for me, big mac meal for m.d grrrrrrr!)  Why is it so hard to find healthy food in malls?

By the time we got home (after a side visit to Bulk Barn and multiple other places it was 4pm) and after putting the tree up we were exhausted!  I made caesar salad from scratch and we vedged out playing plants vs. zombies side by side till bed, we are lame :o)