Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Weekend FUN

So i totally abandon my blog on the weekends it seems! 
Quick summary:
Friday I took the day off from the gym, hit up multiple winners trying to find a dress for my work party, no luck :o(
Saturday I cleaned the house with m.d., love listening to music and getting things accomplished, my parents helped us install a new dishwasher and I ended up buying a belt for a LBD that i already owned and totally rocked my christmas party, let me tell you, 300 bankers and their spouses can drink A LOT of wine!  I ate really healthy during the meal except for the 1.85 white bread rolls with butter i couldn't help but eat, oh yummmm!
Sunday I dragged my bum out of bed, kicked m.d. out the door for squash at 8 and then headed to the gym myself for a 9am physique class, SO hard!  Went to Yorkdale which i love and holiday shopped (this consists of adding stuff to my christmas list instead of buying for others!)
Monday I dragged m.d. to Costco and stocked up on Stacys Simply pita chips, i'm so obsessed and hit up a zumba class, I swear I burn 1000 calories at that class, the teacher on mondays is very aerobic based and makes us work it hard!

So my first week of healthy eating is officially over, i did really well and am quite proud of myself, took a day off on Sunday and had some take out but I didn't let myself feel guilty while i inhaled my pasta!