Friday, December 17, 2010

I've got that festive feeling!

So after spending several hours shopping last night and finally getting somewhere with my christmas "must buy" list I finally feel like i'm part of the Christmas cheer, no idea why i procrastinated soo much this year (or why i alternate between I and i in the blog!)

Didn't make it to the gym yesterday and today was ridiculous, my muscles are sooo hurting from Rock Bottom that I actually got straight out of bed, and out the door for a winter run in hopes it would stretch out my muscles a little, it didn't help and i had to stop every km or so to tend to the poor fur babys paws, darn those people who throw salt on the sidewalks! She looks so pathetic laying on her back, i seriously hope no one hears the conversations I have with her on our runs
ME: its okay baby, mum will rub snow on your feet
FURRY BABY: ***whining noise and sad face***
ME: would you like me to knock on their door and yell at them
FURRY BABY: ***now sniffing a pole*** leaving me talking to an empty snowbank!

So today is our christmas lunch at work and I scored a lululemon gym essentials kit fom my secret santa (it helps when the branch manager draws your name and is willing to spend way more the the alloted amount), got quite a few other goodies too, I love this time of year!

Off to Niagara Falls for the weekend with friends, we are staying over tonight and then heading to Buffalo and PF Changs for dinner tomorrow, I plan on cheating a little tomorrow but staying good today, I even avoided the catered lunch today (lasagna and limp looking caesar salad), it wasn't that hard to just eat veggies and dip but there was bread rolls, damn those bread rolls calling my name with their sweet friend butter...
Keg gift card, bath and body works goodies, tim hortons mug (of course), candle, lululemon ge kit!