Thursday, December 9, 2010

Its a Starbucks kind of day!

This morning i was nominated to do the coffee run since i was running a little late (this is what happens when you stay up too late at christmas partys on a week night!)
So i decided to make it a little more festive and drop by Starbucks and oh my I am in love with the creme brulee soy milk latte, mmmmmmm!

My latte taking its rightful place in the centre of my desk!
(photo courtesy of hipstamatic camera app on my iphone 4)
My coworkers had everything from peppermint mochas to pumpkin spice lattes and you can definitely see an improved mood around the branch when the day starts off with whipped cream (at least for everyone but me!)

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RunningOnCoffee said...

For hot lattes, I'm a fan of the cinnamon dolce latte and the new caramel brulee latte isn't bad either!

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