Thursday, December 16, 2010

This isn't the desert....

Okay, so bad instructors at the gym make me crazy (well crazier then usual!)
Last night I had a bad teacher at a class i love - that class is Rock Bottom, a great class that is made up of tons of lunges, squats, lifts and dips!  However my teacher was just not up to snuff and i remembered why i haven't taken the class in ages, so here are my rules on how to be a GOOD instructor

1. Smile, please, we are suffering and you need to at least pretend you are having fun torturing us
2. Do the exercises with us, when we are practically falling over the move is so hard, you stopping and just standing there does not movitvate us to keep going when you are taking a little coffee break of your own
3.  Okay there wasn't coffee but there wasn't any opportunity to drink water either, we need to hydrate so when you hop from one debilitating move to the next give us a chance to hydrate!
4.  Stretching is a necessity, when you work us soooo hard our limbs are seizing up, you need to stretch those limbs out periodically so we don't end up all stiff and walk around looking like we have dumbbells up our arse for the next several days!
5.  Its a well known rule at the gym, if we like you - yell at us to try harder, if we don't and you yell we aren't dipping low enough on our lunges, well i will just swear at you A LOT (in my head only, i really like this gym and don't want to get kicked out)
6.  Lastly, be grateful we showed up because before myself and my friend arrived your class was made up of 3 people, considering we have to fight about 40 girls for space on a bar in physique 57 you should be happy we showed up

Okay, end rant!