Thursday, December 2, 2010

Yoga is hard!

So last night my "plan" was to head to UFC class at the gym after work, UFC is a 45 minute class that literally kicks the crap out of you and leaves you aching afterwards (in a good way of course) but procrastination and exhaustion kicked in so I went home and prepared dinner, (roasted brussels, sweet potatoes and red onions and yummy home made black bean burgers), once dinner was made I dragged my lazy but outside for a quick walk with the furry baby and then off to the gym for yoga, I haven't been to yoga much lately and I do wish i made more time for it because i forget how challenging it actually is, feeling very pleased with myself and zen afterwards i hop on the treadmill (ick!) for 30 minutes and push myself to get some cardio in!

Sped home and m.d. actually enjoyed the black bean burgers (he was all set to head to mcdonalds at the sight of them, he is off the rare breed of body type that can eat anything he wants and still look fit - grrrrrrrrrr), but hurrah for a healthy homemade vegetarian meal!

So I might have procrastinated but I got my work out in and felt better for it, today i have a conferance in Cambridge so i'm hoping to be back in time to go to Physique 57, more about that later!