Friday, December 3, 2010

Too much

So yesterday after attending an incredibly dull conference (where the only real highlight was seeing some old work friends and the snacks i had packed in my purse) I booted it to Physique 57, the definition of P 57 is "groundbreaking cardiovascular program made up of isometric exercises and orthopedic stretches", sounds pretty simple? Not so much, i like to describe P57 to my friends as "ballet on crack" and I seriously love it.  Its the first class to ever truly change the shape of my pear like body, My arms are sculpted, my abs are evidant and my butt is quite possibly perkier, I ask m.d what he thinks but he loves my butt pre and post P57 so he isn't much help!  This class was made popular by Kelly Ripa who takes it in NYC and I read somewhere its about $50 a class and for my monthly gym membership of $40 I take it about 3 times a week!

So last night after Physique I popped over to the coed studio for the last half of zumba, my other fav class and shook and shimmied my way into a ridiculous sweat!  I was supposed to stay for an hour of yoga with a friend but by the time I raced home, and let out the furbaby my couch was just calling to me so i bailed and made grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner, not too inventive but exactly the comfort food i needed

Yesterday was my 5th day in a row of at least 1 hour of exercise a day so I felt completely drained and started daydreaming of a wendys frosty so I know its time for a day off, my personality is already fighting it and thinking well maybe i can squeeze a quick run in..., must learn to slow down, must!

Side note: I wore my new lululemon ruffled cool racerback to the gym last night and managed to feel cute even when i was gross and sweaty and I also wore my purple savasana socks to the start of physique when the classroom was still a little chilly, the grips were super helpful to stop the sliding and the buttons up the side are so darn cute!