Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekend Report Card

So i'm playing teacher* today and grading how the weekend went, its like a blog report card! Excited? I sure am as it consists of me revealing stupid embarassing moments but we all know this is nothing new to LRT :o)

So lets talk about my Friday AM

I was running around the house and realized instead of leaving early because i had to make a pit stop at Starbucks to pick up a gift card for my boss i was still running around the house trying to find my keys, so i fibbed and i texted my friend Karen (who i was picking starbucks up for as well) and told her i was stuck in line, then no less then 5 minutes of frantic searching later i realized BF had taken BOTH sets of keys to work so I had to call Karen and confess, no i wasn't at Starbucks i was running around my house searching for my keys, so after Karen stopped laughing, Amber volunteered to pick me up but instead of waiting at the house like a sane person I ran in my work clothes (and the rain i might add) to Starbucks and picked up the gift card and extra special love filled smoothies for Karen and Amber who saved my morning - thanks girls, you can stop laughing now

F for telling a little white lie
A for amusement factor for my coworkers, i will apparently live this down when i am "dead" that quote came directly from Karen, hahahaaaaaa

FRIDAY: Rest of friday i visited with some girlfriends and came home to a hilariously disoriented BF, he was very excited to have some "alone man time" in the house at night after spending a week packed into a cabin with a bunch of guy coworkers, i think he managed a walk with the doodle and a video game before he passed out on the tv room floor till i got home!

Best way to spend breakfast, sitting in sun beams with tea and a good book!
Saturday BF I were supposed to go by and help my sister and her husband build a fence, when we got there they had a ton of helpers so we left to run errands instead
Found this running errands, i would VERY much like it for my birthday please!

D for eating their pizza even if we didn't help, we did  however manage to look pretty standing around though in our lululemon outfits, teeeheheheee
B for redemption when i went back Sunday and lugged an insane amount of fence boards so i could feel like i contributed in some way!

We also decided to take the fur baby for a walk Saturday night to the new house and on the way home we passed a path that had some man made ponds so we decided to let fur baby check it out as its closer then our current park and the first thing she did was run for the water and take a little swim, of course it was more like mud then water 
Save me mum!!!
Was that really necessary?
Post bath freak out
And exhausted!
A for pretty much everything, seeing how the house is coming along and watching Sydney have a blast in the water made me laugh SO hard, and watching BF take the time to give her a bath and talk her through it was the sweetest thing ever!
We have a lake, aren't we fancy? 
Fun with focus points
Pre swim checking out the foundation!
SATURDAY: was an awesome day, we got to sleep in and go for a bunch of long walks, we hit up the farmers market to buy steak and veggies to have a BBQ for dinner, we got errands done including some packing, woot woot!

So on Sunday we celebrated our Mothers Day!

A+ for our amazing mums who are just SO awesome and we are sooo grateful to have them in our lives and they should truly be celebrated every day not just once a year!

So lucky to be her MUM :o)
SUNDAY: we did some yardwork, including mowing half the lawn because our mower ran out of battery life, i'm hoping to start a trend and pretend we actually want it to look like that!  After helping out with Katies fence, she and i took our mums and mum in laws to the movie to see Something Borrowed!

LRT Movie Review
Something Borrowed

I really really liked the movie but probably because i read the book and i know the book Something Blue which is the sequel is soooo good!  I have to say Kate Hudson looks a lot older in this movie then she usually does, and i loved John Krasinki as the friend of Ginnifer Goodwins character!  There were definitely some laughs and  it wasn't just because my sister slept through half of it, fence building is hard work!

Okay, so i made a couple of disastrous recipes this weekend, my coconut macaroons turned into coconut pancakes (booooooooooo) and my brownies came out a little raw and had to be microwaved, oh the shame!  But seriously it was a British recipe and who has 25 cm pans?

One thing that did work out was my mum and dads recipe for Fresh Lemonade, they drank a ton of it when they were back in England and came home determined to make their own and my mum shared the recipe with me

L Family Lemonade 

4 Lemons
1/2 cup of organic sugar
4 cups of water

1. Juice lemons and try not to cry out in pain as the juice finds that paper cut you got at work this week, eeeeeee
2. Mix 1/2 cup of water with Sugar in a saucepan over medium heat till sugar melts into the water and makes a syrup
3. Add lemon juice and the rest of the water and put in cute glass jug and refrigerate till cool!

You could serve this over ice or you could add the limoncello you picked up in Italy and some ice and make a crazy good punch drink to have with your BBQ!

Hope everyone had a great weekend, the sun shone the whole time and its amazing what it can do for your mood!  I have today off so i'm heading on a long run then groceries and maybe if the mood strikes me, more packing!

Happy Monday lovelies xox

*BF i totally see your mind going to the dirty place as soon as i said play teacher, please meet me after "school" to discuss this ;o)