Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger DRAMA ***updated!

***UPDATED:  Looks like blogger still has not got its act together and my post is STILL missing, i'm thinking of using this as an opportunity to switch to Wordpress as i hear its WAY better BUT
What do you think of me changing the name?
A couple of options

Lifeofblondielocks (friends call me blondie) -> like a lot but unsure?
Donnasfavouritethings -> like it

Donnaeatslaughslives -> meh?
or just stick to Loveruntravel

I need opinions please xoxoxoxoxox

Hi Bloggie Friends!

Blogger was down for over 20 hours

They actually said something like 20.19 hours

But i want to believe my blog readers aren't interested in the .19, they just want to know where the heck i've been all day!

Now blogger says they are in the process of giving us our posts from the last 2 days back

I am hoping (aka: down on my knees praying) they are being honest!

So the point of this teeny tiny post is to let you know that Fashion Friday is still happening

It just might not be till tonight

I like to have a glass (or 4) of wine on Friday nights

So be prepared for shenanigans ;o)