Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Its getting spicy in the kitchen

Our first lasagna, it is INSANEly good, will share recipe soon, this was
in my old condo in Paris!
Guess what LRT readers?

Today I have a guest blogger in my kitchen!

Well technically its his kitchen

Even though i'm the one thats spends all my time slaving away in there

Providing nourishment and yummy vegan food

But i'm getting seriously off track

Todays Guest Blogger is BF!!!

Who i now realize you all know is Dave as it was all over my Aruba travel recap since that was previously only shared on FB and i am just too plain lazy to go back and replace all the Daves with BF

There it is, i usually just call him baby though but i won't cause your gag reflex to go into overload by referring to him as that here, i'll probably still just call him BF :o)

That was a ridiculously long way of me saying that BF was in charge of dinner tonight!

He is only ever in charge of one recipe, its the only one he claims he can cook...

If by cook you mean open a lot of cans and packages and throw it in one pot

But he is soooo damn proud of what that pot produces i can't help but praise him over and over

We won't mention the fact that i cook him all the other meals of all the other days

BF just wants to hear about how great his dinner is and doesn't the garlic add an extra kick

I love him though and his ONE meal so of course i mention the garlic AND the kick

I asked BF if he wanted to write anything to accompany the recipe 

His response was 

{in a very serious interested tone of course}

"Yeah, nope"

Before i get to BF's recipe and the fun photos i forced asked him to take along the way, here are some fun Donna & Dave pictures

Yeah so we enjoy jumping pictures - it started in St Maarten and now its tradition, you can't look bored, overheated or exhausted in a photo that requires you to propel your body upwards while holding hands with the one you love - each and every picture we have silly giddy smiles on our face, the kind of smiles that say we are happy to have each other and to be in this moment in this amazing place

Spicy Turkey Chili 

Ground turkey
1 can of mixed beans
1 can of kidney beans
1 can of stewed tomatoes
1 can of diced tomatoes
1 package of organic chili seasoning (BF couldn't find the pack i bought so he subbed with fajita seasoning and chili powder, shockingly good!)
Dash of salsa
Garlic (you know, for kick)
1 jar of organic tomato sauce

1. Cook Ground turkey
2. Add all ingredients to large pot and heat till bubbly
3. I served ours with wholewheat english muffins smeared in garlic butter and havarti melted on top, yum yum yummmmmmmmmmmm

This is probably right about where i called him from work and asked if he was taking photos while he cooked
this photo just screams oh crap better start taking pictures of half cooked food
Close up of the beans, beans beans the magical fruit... well you know how it ends ;o)
BF thought it was necessary to share how messy my cupboards are and notice how the agave nectar is on the
bottom (and reachable) shelf and the nasty old maple syrup we don't use anymore is left never to be
touched again on the high shelf!
Empty ingredient packaging and ziploc box, not sure where he was going with this
Artsy shot of spoon, usually i put food on these pictures but BF does like to be unique
Told him to make his sexy chef face, this is what i got
LOVE this man!
Closeup of chili goodness
Ready for consumption, mmmmm
Thank you for cooking for me Dave, i really really appreciate it, even if i have to hear talk about how good it is for the next 3 days which is how long it will take us to eat all this chili!

Here is a quick peek of the new salad i'm in love with (Spinach with strawberries, clementines and goat cheese)! 

Just can't leave you with photos taken in bad lighting - BF refused to take food outside where i take my photos, lol! 

And i have to say BF loves photography as much as i do, and if i'm honest he is better then i am but he hasn't mastered food photography, he says he would rather just eat it!

According to the label, no artificial ingredients added, yay!!!

Before i sign off i just want to say i totally have my happy pants on right now 

For future reference i've suddenly decided happy pants is my way of saying i'm having a great day!

Other then the whole part where i had to work 8 hours blah blah blahhhh

But on my lunch we made some final kitchen decisions and we came in under budget!!! Well under the budge the builder gave us with the extra $thousands$ we added on top but then i found out the pantry could have sliders for the shelves and we might have gone $135 over budget, teeheheheeeee

BF and i had a great time at the gym, i got all hot and sweaty and laughed my butt off with the girls at Physique 57 and he kicked some tush in squash

Then we went appliance shopping, looks like we might *fingers crossed oh please oh please* be getting a kitchenaid fridge and stove, eeeeeeeeeeee

Oh and you know, we have walls on our house now, thats right!  Pictures to come soon but just wanted to share!

Want to add a BIG thanks to Heather from Kiss My Broccoli for mentioning my blog yesterday and giving me more blog views in one hour then i usually get in one day!  Check out her blog, she has the same crazy sense of humour i do and thats always a good thing :o)

Plus i realize this was Thirsty Thursday! but in a moment of dire need, you could totally drink chili so i think we are cool xox