Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Follow my Footsteps

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I am a bad blogger and have about a zillion posts to catch up and comment on, So if i haven't commented on your blog in a couple of days, I still love you AND your fabulous blog

Yesterday I woke up after an excellent dream that consisted of me running barefoot in some kind of crazy marathon and the first thing i thought about was... 

Today... I RUN

Pretty brazen huh?

Very decisive as well

I'm decisive in a lot of places in my life

Like how the brick i like is WAY better then the brick BF likes for the new house


*Deep sigh here*

I am not that decisive when it comes to restaurant menus

That was the understatement of the year

I always ask to order last

And i inevitably want what someone else gets

But this morning

This morning I was decisive

And i went for a run

I'm hoping you will Travel with me Tuesday with me on my run

Get it?  

This is me trying to get out of not having more Aruba pictures edited so this is how i'm filling in my Tuesday Travel post

I'm sneaky like that

Sneaky AND Indecisive at restaurants if you are keeping track

And if you have followed the blog long enough you know i have a small head as well

Now we are all caught up, lets get started!

The running adventures of Donna & Sydney

Fun shadow shot at the start of the run
Tight leash = squirrel spotting, one of these days she will pull my arm out of the socket, if she ever ACTUALLY caught a squirrel i guarantee you she would ask it for a tummy rub
Why does this path seem never ending? Ohhh anyone like that movie Never Ending Story?  I did not like it, that dog dragon thing scared the bejesus out of me!
Lets have some fun, this was right before a bicyclist rode past me and i dropped the phone in fright

If you want the best case every BUY this, i drop my phone at LEAST once a day!

YAY park, almost home!
This is the doodles "you are the worst mum ever for making me run THAT far mummy" pose
I love love love when she sits like this, she looks like a little person
Close up: this is her i just rolled in grass but i still look cute face
Stretch, admire cute lululemon pants
Officially thank your running partner
Hydrate on the deck while worshipping the sun, where have you been all spring mr. sun?
Realize you should have hydrated WAY more and decide this $5 cup of caffeine is the only way to feel better , sometimes you have to take one for the team, errr thats my excuse, i just really love skinny caramel machiattos :o)
Reward yourself with Winners goodies, its TOTALLY necessary in the post run  recovery!

So since BF decided he wanted more Vegan food (yay progress) i decided to make a recipe that has been all over the blog world lately
This is my spin

Cheezy Creamy Vegan Sauce
Adapted from Peas and Thank You

1/4 cup of Cashews
1/3 cup of Water
1 Tbsp of Apple Cider Vinegar
1 tsp of Garlic
1/2 tsp of Salt
1/4 cup of Canola Oil
Juice of One Lemon
2 tsp curry paste
1/4 cup of Nutritional Yeast

1. Blend, this is like a smoothie recipe huh? Blend blend blend and anticipate the amazingness that is this sauce!
I get lazy and sometimes i do this, shhhhh don't tell BF!
Pre-sauce, this is brown rice, steamed veggies and extra firm tofu brushed with curry paste and broiled
Action shot ala Katie of Real Food Katies Way 

Oh so freaking yummy
This is me stepping back and admiring - right before i INHALED it! Sooooo yummy, even got the BF's stamp of approval as well
Thanks for running with me today and sticking around for this kick arse recipe
Have you tried yumm sauce yet?

Seeya tomorrow, i will catch up with you all in the am xox