Monday, May 30, 2011

Stop and smell the roses

i used to write tales of
an elf that loved peanut
butter and lived in
my closet
There are so many layers to my title as usual! 
Layering isn't just for outfits you know bloggie friends :o)

Layer 1. Literal: My allergies are making me crazy, but i can't help but love all the flowers and even the weeds blooming here in Ontario - might we say spring is finally here?

Layer 2. FYI: I just want to point out that if you are stopping i think that peonies are WAY better option to smell then roses fyi

Layer 3. The meaning of the phrase: No matter how bad of a day you are having you have to remember the good things and appreciate what you have

How did i inhale the plants on Friday?
Well, let me tell you!  Friday was one of those days, you know the kind, the weather is gloomy and it makes everyone uber grumpy, and it wasn't just me, but about 95% of clients had their grumpy hats on as well but i made the executive decision to stop vegan week for 1 meal and get our pizza on - wholewheat with tomatoes, pineapple and cheddar, mmm mmm mmmmmmm
A big arsed glass of wine might have accompanied it as well!  Then i had some great cuddle time with the BF and we watched the Social Network (again - she says in a resigned voice)

How did i sniff the blooms Saturday?
I jumped (like a jump that contained leaps AND bounds) at my coworkers suggestion to pick up star bucks and i sucked back this skinny iced caramel macchiato - perfect start to the day
where did you go yumminess?
it was jaclyns birthday!
My outfit that was thrown together in 30 seconds this morning totally rocked my world, nothing makes you have a good day more then a cute outfit you feel confident in
i was rocking the turned
up collar look with a bun
and dangly earrings
white blouse, wide black belt
poufy grey skirt, black tights
and black patent flats
Once work was over i spent WAY too much time shopping for presents for 2 little men i adore - i might have enjoyed a brownie fudge frozen yogurt while i was shopping, it was okay but i really don't like super sweet stuff like that, i prefer fruit frozen yogurt - makes me feel healthier ;o)
After picking up the monkey doodle at my parents i totally raided their pantry, one day when i'm grown up i want a pantry just like this!
Then i took advantage of BF going out to watch to finally get started on this ridiculous pile of laundry that needed organizing, folding and hanging up

i am SO embarrased but this is after it started to look organized
How did i take in the flowers Sunday?
I got to meet my BFF's new son, he is an absolute sweetheart! I had just as much fun sniffing his adorable baby smell as i did playing bowling with her just as adorable 2 year old
Things got crazy on the drive in though, i had a very animated conversation with a couple of geese and i attempted telepathy with a couple of deer trying to cross the 401 highway!

seriously wish this blonde would stop making "why did the chicken cross the road jokes"
You want to know some of the excitement that awaits me Monday?
Lol, at least i have Zumba tonight and The Bachelorette to look forward too!

So remember when we were talking about layers at the start of the post? You don't? Well just not and pretend for my sake okay? Thanks!!!  I have a recipe for you today inspired by Katies new crockpot recipe for layered mexican lasagna, but since she has crazy patience to wait for the crockpot, i do not - in the end this is what i came up with!

Mexican Fiesta for your Mouth

Whole wheat tortillas
Ground turkey
Tomato sauce
Chopped tomatoes
Organic taco seasoning
Red kidney beans
Light old cheddar

1. Cook turkey with sauce and add seasoning and simmer while you...
2. Cut tortillas to fit your pie pan
3. Layer as you wish!
4. I went with meat sauce, spinach, beans, cheese
5. Repeat!  I went with 4 layers!
6. Cover with tin foil and cook for 40 minutes at 400 degrees
7. Enjoy!!!! 

So let me tell you how i healthified this recipe!
- I used turkey instead of ground beef
- I used light old cheddar
- I used wholewheat tortillas
- I grated using a finer grate so the cheese spread further
- I made sure to use reduced sodium salsa, beans and seasoning

Here is you hint for tomorrows recipe:
Stay tuned :o)

QUESTION: How was your weekend? Did you take the time to stop and smell the roses?

Here are a couple more photos to brighten your monday!