Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Real Estate Blues

Todays Post is full of things my tummy digested yet i did not photograph, i need to come up with a new Wednesday plan and i'm also whining about real estate (yay for you) and of course another insanely good breakfast recipe, classic post material friends!

What I Ate Wednesday

So there is no way i could share with you what i ate monday like i planned, it was all good till i started on the organic potato chips, then i made individual Lemon Pudding Cakes and calories took the day off because that dessert is like food crack, i can't wait to make it again and show you all!

So Tuesday this is what i inhaled cause it was yet another crazy busy day

Breakfast: Apple raisin Oatmeal, home made peeps, best way to start your day!

Snack: Small banana with a scoop of raw chocolate coconut macaroon, this is another amazing recipe coming your way soon! 

Lunch: PC Multigrain Bagel Thin with natural peanut butter, cut veggies on the side and Apple slices to mop up the leftover peanut butter

Dinner: Healthy chinese fried rice, it has tons of veggies, brown rice and tofu, if it tastes as good as it looks i'll be sharing this recipe soon as well!

Dessert: A scoop of snickerdoodle hummus with a handful of organic vanilla cookies (just call me the cookie monster)

Review of prior mentioned food: Probably didn't eat enough considering i ran this morning and i didn't have as many vegetables as i normally like to eat, a green monster would have cured that but alas there was no time before i left for the late shift at work - but this is an entirely honest list of what i ate

I'm going to list the sucky things about selling a house because lets me honest, this is my second time selling a house in less then a year and i therefore consider myself a pro

1. Having to keep your house in tip top condition every freakin second of every freakin day, i once had a showing arranged christmas night for boxing day, really?

2. The necessity to remove your 70 pound dog from your home with very little notice, because lets be honest not everyone wants to be tongued by a giant furry doodle

3. Classic issues like your water heater deciding to break and leak everywhere the first day your house is on the market and not being able to be to fixed until after your first 2 showings, grrreeaaaatttt

4. Realizing that those little brown piles in the back yard are in fact doggie poop and just wishing them away with a very concentrated yet magical stare will not work so you have to drag your little (ha!) blonde ass out there and pick it up *** Update: the doodle wants you blog readers to know she prefers the phrase doggie "presents" apparently poo, its too vulgar

5.  The sudden urge to drink A LOT but the matter of having to hide all the wine bottles from home viewers sounds like too much effort so you just think about drinking... A LOT :o)


I'm kind of obsessed with peanut butter, oh i yearn for the days where i have a large shiny kitchenaid food processor and can make my own nut butters, my heart swells just thinking about it!  Geek alert! Okay i'll stop fantasizing about kitchen appliances now,  todays breakfast recipe is heaven on a plate and i pity the fool who doesn't want to make this stat!

PB & J Breakfast Cookie


1/3 cup of Oatmeal
1 egg white
1/2 banana mashed
1 tbsp of ground flax
1 tsp of chia seeds
1 splenda
Chopped Strawberries
PB for topping
Strawberry Jam for topping


1. Mix above ingredients except toppings in a bowl
2. Microwave (realize your microwave is in desperate need of a good scrub, wonder if people open microwaves during open houses and if you can legitamately procrastinate cleaning for yet another week)
3. Put on a pretty plate and decorate with those strawberries you bought last week and are DESPERATE to get rid of!


**********Ummm so news flash i've developed an eyetwitch!!!
Let me tell you this is the most awkward of facial ticks and i keep confusing my clients by talking about current interest rates and then it seriously looks like i'm winking at them, like i might have better rates hidden under my desk somewhere, oh geeez
Please let this house sell fast!