Thursday, March 24, 2011

Train like you mean it

Happy Thirsty Thursday Friends!

Here is a little history for you...

In 2002 i moved to my very own apartment in a very small town which had a local gym and for the first time in my life i discovered exercise, i was 21 at the time and amazed at how good i felt adding in a few weights and learning to love the treadmill

I haven't looked back and for 9 years i've been in love with that feeeling you get after a super intense workout, that sweaty-i'm gonna die feeling!  My favourite workouts include Physique 57 (ballet like moves with high repetition for long lean muscles), Zumba (high intense cardio dancing workout) and Yoga (both the traditional kind and anti gravity) but last year I discovered running, my sister had started running to help in her weight loss journey so being the supportive big sister i started running too so we would text each other our progress daily and we set the goal for us to run a local 5K at the end of the summer, we did it and the feeling of having our family waiting at the finish line for us was incredible!

Now i kind of alluded to starting my running schedule but i've been pretty slack on filling you all in on what exactly my working out schedule looks like and what i do day to day

Fun at Zumba!

Monday = Zumba
Tuesday = Run
Wednesday = Physique 57
Thursday = Run & Zumba
Friday = Day off
Saturday = Run
Sunday = Yoga & Physique 57

The newest addition to my workout schedule is Morgans Pipes Challenge - I'm on my way to doing 100 man pushups... in a row! (as much as i would like to spread it out over a week, lol!) Now i will admit my man pushups aren't quite up to par compared to BF's but i'm trying my hardest and he makes them look so damn easy!  Plus i totally claim that i can't get as close to the ground as he does because my boobs are in the way ;o)  Here is my before photo shoot of my guns! (i know i just said boobs and you are automatically drawn to them but please focus on the arms, kay? kay!)  Feel free to check out the Facebook page where we are all tracking our progress

Before Photo for Pipes Challenge, laughing hysterically at silly BF!
Now this year my sister and i have mapped out a list of runs we want to complete this year on top of my normal workout schedule, a 5K on Good Friday, a few 10Ks in the summer, a 25K in the fall and a half marathon in November - we are optomistic girls!

I'm in the middle of training for my 5K now, Hal Hidgon is where I get my training schedules from, check it out my 5K schedule here

I honestly (because i can actually be SO honest here) have a love/hate relationship with running, some days i love the feeling of the pavement under my shoes and the thrill of getting to my goal and other days i feel like the slowest runner EVER and my feet feel like they are made of lead but still i trudge on, i am plagued with cramps this year but i have overcome the shin splints i suffered last year, i know there will be good days and bad days so i must carry on and having that Training Schedule is keeping me VERY accountable, i love that!

Now the best way to recover from a good workout is a protein smoothie, which leads to... you guessed it, Thirsty Thursday

Todays Green Monster Smoothie is a spin on last weeks recipe!

Things i changed (just so you don't think i'm copping out of writing a new recipe!)
1. No added mint extract, last weeks was a wee bit too minty for me
2. Added chocolate soy milk instead of almond milk
3. Greek Yoghurt for protein
4. Romaine lettuce today instead of Spinach - crazy huh?

Chocolate Mint Monster

1 cup of chocolate soy milk
1/2 cup of plain greek yoghurt
1 pack of splenda
1/4 cup of fresh mint
1 romaine lettuce
1/2 Tbsp of chia seeds

1. Blend while you admire those pipes in the kitchen mirror, yes we have a mirror in our kitchen, we have a tv and a dvd player too, don't judge please :oD

Have a lovely Thursday, Friday is just around the corner xox


Andrea said...

Wow, this post is so inspiring! I so want to go for a run right now -too bad I'm trapped at work. And thank you for the great recipe. Work it girl!

Fisherman's Wife said...

Love this post! I am so impressed with the pipes challenge. Keep us posted!


i'm also a travel junkie..i just wish i was also as athletic as you! god i hate running, feel like heart's gonna come out of my mouth, following, hope you can also! i just started and would really appreciate the support :-)

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