Friday, March 18, 2011

Stewardesses have more fun

How was everyones St Patricks Day?  Are you feeling a little green from all the beer last night?  Wow that was a bad joke, donna = lame-o!

So here is a recap of all the green food i ate yesterday cause i know you are dying to see pictures, at least i like to imagine you are...





Dinner - wholewheat pizza with green peppers and green beer BF picked up for us yay!

Dessert was Cadbury Creme egg = not green, FAIL!

I gotta say, if i keep eating dessert i will NOT fit into any of the new lululemon clothes that keep arriving at our house this week...

Which leads me to FASHION FRIDAY!!! (like how i did that? classic segway)

Todays work outfit was from yesterday where i was TOTALLY rocking the Leprechaun Air Stewardess look

Exits are located to the rear and front of the plane, just follow the pot of gold!

Blouse: Joe Fresh
Sweater Vest (gosh that sounds lame but it really is cute): Banana Republic
Skirt: H&M
Shoes: Nine West heels
Jewelry: Forever 21
Scarf: Coach

Now i've mentionned before that my work has created a wellness account as part of our benefits and i therefore have A LOT of $ to spend on free lulu

Not too much has tempted me till recently, I placed 3 seperate orders in a few hours, yeah i have issues

So I did what any sane blogger would do for her Fashion Friday!!! post, i put everything from the first order on all at once and took a picture to show you!

Hat: Crosstraining cap in violacious
Tank:  Inner awareness in snorkel and black
Jacket: Define in snorkel
Pants: Studio pants in black

I have to RAVE about the pants, they are crazy comfortable, look really cute, make my ample bottom look smallish, and i am madly in love with them (yup i said it i'm in love with a pair of pants), i might propose - they are however too long, need to get them hemmed!
i'm a shorty!
I have another order coming tomorrow and i'm heading to the store in Oakville on Saturday with some friends so i'm sure there is more lulu love to come

So my question of the day is....  What do you think, should i cut my hair again?

Long vs Short??? 
This was pre haircut the last time time
i chopped it all off, by i, i mean the
very talented hair stylist who laughs
at my ridiculous bang cutting technique
Post hair cut smiles while posing
awkwardly in my hoodie, whats
with the pocket droop?

Help a girl out because i'm insanely indecisive

Have a great weekend everyone, I work Saturday but am heading to Lulu after with my friends Jennie and Monica and then Sunday is yoga, relax and pack - hmph don't think relax and pack can be used in the same sentence - uh oh, wait wait, there it is, eyetwitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xox

*** House update, we accepted an offer last night but its part of a chain as they have sold their house based on the person buying selling their house, so now i'm hoping for some random stranger to sell her house!!!

*** SHOPPING update: Marshalls (american version of winners) is now in Canada!!! Locations here 


amber said...

Go/ stay Short!!

Allison @ Food For Healing said...

i dont think i ate a single green thing yesterday, i'm lame ha

Paije said...

Okaaay your outfit is so cute! Love the stewardess look ;)
I am addicted to lululemon too! It's terrible haha!
I think your hair looks hot both ways!!
Hope you're having a great weekend! xo

Christina said...

LOVE the short hair!

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