Monday, March 14, 2011

Hail Mary Monday

Todays weekend recap will be portrayed in a list of confessions but first here is the summary of my weekend and some pictures

Friday: Cleaned, cleaned, cleaned some more, took the fur babies for a walk with my sister, went our for drinks with our friends Michelle & Mike and then saw the Adjustment Bureau
Donna meet toilet brush, toilet brush meet Donna
Now lets get down to business, i'm going to make you my b***h!
My mortal enemy

LRT Movie Review
Adjustment Bureau
- Really enjoyed this movie, a little slow and more of a love story then i realized but it was kind of inception meets 

Saturday: Met with the real estate agent and bought a house!!! Construction will begin as soon as our house is sold, cleaned basement and had a blast hanging out with family as we navigated the disaster that is our lower level, Went out for martinis and steak dinner with our soon to be married friends Amy & Ryan

Before and After!!! 

Yay, all my pretty shoes organized! No more hollering for my other shoe :o)

Pretty tulips my mum got us to make the place look inviting for potential buyers

Celebrating our new house purchase as a family with frostys, the doodle doesn't look impressed!

Sunday: Slept in, painted booooooooo, had some yummy take out with BF's parents and made some killer cookies (they might actually kill your feelings if you give them all to BF to take to work and you forget to keep some at home for you)!
How i woke up sunday, with a doodle spooning me

painting lulus
Creepy wood thing BF owns, kind of reflects how i feel about painting
Finished product!!!

SO happy with how it turned out :o)


Okay, lets get on to the confessions shall we?  

Confession #1: I made 3 orders on in 8 hours

Confession #2: I stopped midclean on Friday realizing that BF will now know i am actually a good cleaner and might make me start cleaning house on a regular basis and seriously considered tracking some mud around to dull down the shine i had created everywhere

Confession #3: I killed 2 plates cleaning kitchen cupboards out

Confession #4: I found salad dressing from 2009 in the fridge... and i put it back

Confession #5: While going for a walk with my sister and our furry babies i didn't just leave my keys in my car, i left it running???

Confession #6: I'm pretty sure there is a monster living in our basement that eats only 1 shoe out of a pair which results in me running around holding one shoe screaming where is my sole mate, where where?   

Confession #7: I coerced my family into helping clean our basement with offers of free goodies we no longer used - sister got a rug, parents got luggage

Confession #8: I have a pair of lululemon pants I only use for painting, before you judge please be aweare they are the most hideous shade of blue you have ever seen and i have NO idea why i bought them

Confession #9: I considered divorcing BF on Sunday and we are even married yet, 2 minutes in the tv room painting together and we were having a life or death yelling match over drop cloths, it took 10 hours and only once the room was finished before we made up - that was definitely worth the fighting though :o)

Confession #10: I ate so much cookie dough today that I couldn't bring myself to eat the actual baked cookies but apparently they were amazing, recipe to come!

Confession #11: I thought it was a good idea to change the clocks in the kitchen back at 3am while using the fridge door for light but the fridge kept closing so i kept having to open it meanwhile the microwave and oven were beeping simutaneously and BF finally hollers what on earth are you doing, to which i finally wake up out of my half asleep state and turn on the kitchen light like a sane person, finish the clocks and potter off to bed where i should have stayed in the first place!

So how many hail marys do you think i need for the above list of MY BADS? 

Maayybbeee i should be forced to stay home all week and eat my next recipe?

Snicker Doodle Dessert Hummus
taken from thewannabechef


1 can of chickpeas, skins taken off
1/4 cup of maple syrup
1/4 cup of almond butter
2 tbsps of brown sugar
1 tsp of cinnamon
no there isn't vanilla in recipe, how did that get in the shot???


1. Peel the skins off chickpeas, takes forever but its worth it! (you can watch a really bad Katie Holmes movie called the Romantics while you do it, makes the time go by faster, just, you know, a suggestion!)
2.  Add the maple syrup, almond butter, brown sugar and cinnamon into the bowl
3. Use blender of your preference (mine is an immersion blender cause thats how i roll) and blend all ingredients together
4. Top with a sprinkle of cinnamon and eat with your favourite healthy cookie, i choose organic vanilla cookies with cookie monster on the front, please don't judge


Hope everyone had a GREAT weekend!

I'll leave you with a typical D & D bed time conversation (because i think its cool to overshare sometimes) ...

Donna: My feet are cold, come closer
BF: What the heck, how are your feet THIS cold?
Donna: I dunno, its freezing in here
BF: Its 76 Donna
Donna: Hmm, who knows, can i have your knee crooks please?
BF: Then i'll be cold
Donna: Don't you love me?
BF: Of course, convince me
Donna: I'll give you Back Tickles
BF: What on earth is a back tackle? You want to play football in bed?
Donna: Back Tickles you nut
BF: Ohhhh okay, the other thing kinda sounded fun too, you have a deal!

That is how 95% of our going to bed conversations go, winter AND summer, i'm off to the kitchen again have a lovely day blog friends xox