Friday, March 11, 2011

I'll take one of those please

So today is (insert my LOUD announcer voice here)

Fashion Friday!

So lets jump right into it shall we (answer here: yes we shall Donna.... please? come on, you know you want to... fine, i'm jumping in either way)

I have some sketchy iPhone photos for you today, these are classic photos i will one day look back on and most defintely wonder what the HECK i was thinking putting them on the internet

Me wearing my new Modern Racerback Lululemon tank, was perfect to wear on a rainy Wednesday and it wasn't too warm for my Physique 57 class

Me before i change for the gym ala superman in the work bathroom

Shoes       Nine West (i am wearing them promise)
Tights      Winners
Dress       Banana Republic outlet
Belt          Rickis (was only $7!!! i $shit you not)
Jewelry   Bracelet - The Bay, Earings - St Maarten, Necklace - Tiffanys

Post phonebooth change (or mens loo, we have so few men at my branch we totally steal their bathroom because of its close proximately to the lunch room)

Had to run home to walk the furbaby and forgot to take a picture before i changed, oops MY BAD!

Work out outfit
What might appear to be attitude in this picture is actually sheer exhaustion!

Shoes       Asics (YES, i remembered them today!)
Pants       Lululmeon Wunderunder Grooves
Tank        Lululemon Cool Racerback
Bra           Lululemon All Sports Bra
Jacket     Lululemon - not sure name, it was pre-completelyridiculouslyobsessedwithlulu

So I have decided to show you something i am personally lusting after that is not something lululemon (feel free to roll your eyes at how many times i've mentioned lululemon today, i know you want to)

MICHAEL KORS Midsized Chronograph Watch, Golden

·                                 Golden bracelet; width, 20mm.
·                                 Golden oversized case; camera detailing.
·                                 Case, 38mm x 32mm.
·                                 Golden brushed dial with gold accents; dial opening, 32 mm.
·                                 Three-eye chronograph; date window.
·                                 Golden "12", "2", "4", "8", and "10" markers and logo.
·                                 Two-hand movement.
·                                 Hardened mineral crystal.
·                                 Water resistant.
·                                 Two-year international warranty.
·                                 Imported.

Its so pretty and shiny, i love shiny things, i'm kinda like a magpie that way (BF please take note, our anniversary is only 95 days away)

I also like shoes, this is the before in Project: basement organization, every morning i sort through this mountain of shoes and random tupperware to find the perfect pair to compliment whatever outfit i threw on that morning, they used to be organize but the sheer volume has caused this madness
i am SO mortified to share this but the after is going to look awesome tomorrow :o)

Now i have something yummy for your tummy

Chocolate Orange Steel Cut Oats


I made this breakfast last Sunday when looking through all my cupboards for something to eat with a wee bit of a headache after saturday night - i decided what i rreeaallyy wanted was a terrys chocolate orange left over from christmas peeking out of the tub of shame, but since i can't bring myself to eat chocolate for breakfast (anymore, it used to be something i could do, i even used to enjoy a good piece of garlic bread, ewwwww what was younger me thinking) I decided to recreate a Terry Chocolate Orange in a healthified Donna kinda way


1/2 cup of steel cut oats
1.5 cups of water
1/2 cup of almond milk
1 tsp of cocoa powder
Juice of half a blood orange
Rind of half a blood orange
1 pack of splenda
Sprinkle of Dark chocolate chips


1. Boil water on stove
2. Add steel cut oats
3. Boil on low for approximately 20-25 minutes, when water is almost absorbed, add almond milk
4. Once liquid is fully meshed with oats (yup i'm trying to branch out with my food words again, meshed seemed to fit) turn on low
5. Add Splenda, Cocoa, Orange rind, Orange juice
6. Put in shiny bowl (stop admiring sparkly shiny bowl and spoon before food gets cold) and top with chocolate chips!

Now its definitely not a Terrys Chocolate Orange but its super delish and not too sweet which is perfect for a hearty, healthy yet nummy breakfast!


So bad news on the house front, the lot we were lusting after can not include the double front doors we wanted OR the garden doors to the patio OR the stucco, they have started building the house so they can't make the changes now - I am a stuck on the stucco and if we are spending this much on a house we are going to get everything we want, so on to lot option #2, not as pretty or shiny of a lot but the house would be EVERYTHING we want and no having to compromise, i hate compromising, it results in foot stomping and frowny faces

So mortifying moment of the day yesterday?
Texting BF with - "Babe, we can totally finish the basement on our own for WAY cheaper!" and then having my real estate agent text back with "I agree"
Oh holy crap, don't you hate when you text the wrong person???
Luckily my real estate agent has a good sense of humour and actually agreed with me, lol!


Okay, wish me luck on the house cleaning today!!!


Anonymous said...

That recreation of the chocolate Orange....what were you thinking? You can never recreate a chocolate orange..not a Terry's chocolate orange anyway! I bet you couldn't tap that

Travelbug said...

Haha unfortunately I wasn't able to whack and unwrap this one :o)
Thanks anonymous whoever you might be!

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